A Refreshing Adventure: My Personal Review of Melo’s THC Beverages

I recently had the pleasure of trying out THC beverages from Melo, and let me tell you, it was a delightful experience. I sampled both the Grapefruit and Wild Berries flavors, and here’s my personal take on these refreshing seltzers.

Melo Grapefruit THC Beverage


Starting with the Grapefruit flavor, I was immediately impressed by its crisp and invigorating taste. It’s like a citrusy burst of sunshine in a can. The balance of sweetness and tanginess was perfect, making it super refreshing without being overly sweet. The subtle hint of THC blended seamlessly, giving a gentle, uplifting buzz that was both relaxing and enjoyable.

What I particularly liked about the Grapefruit seltzer was how smooth it was. Some THC beverages can have a harsh aftertaste, but this one was clean and pleasant from start to finish. It’s perfect for a sunny afternoon in the park or winding down after a long day. However, I did find the carbonation a tad too much for my liking, but that’s a minor quibble in an otherwise fantastic drink.

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Melo Wild Berries THC Beverage


Next up, the Wild Berries flavor was a real treat. This one was a bit more complex, with a medley of berry flavors that danced on my tongue. It reminded me of a summer berry patch, with each sip offering a burst of natural fruitiness. The THC effect was just as pleasant as with the Grapefruit, providing a mellow, calming vibe that’s perfect for social gatherings or solo relaxation.

What stood out for me with the Wild Berries was its rich flavor profile. It felt like a more indulgent experience compared to the Grapefruit, which was lighter and more refreshing. If you’re a fan of berries, this is definitely the one to go for. My only critique would be that it was a bit too sweet for my personal taste, but I know many will appreciate that extra berry punch.

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Comparing the Two

Both Melo THC beverages were delightful, but they cater to slightly different preferences. If you’re looking for something crisp, light, and refreshing, the Grapefruit flavor is your go-to. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a subtle citrusy zest. On the other hand, if you crave a richer, fruitier experience, the Wild Berries flavor will not disappoint. It’s like a berry explosion that’s perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

Overall, Melo has done an excellent job with these THC seltzers. They offer a fun and flavorful way to enjoy the benefits of THC, wrapped up in a beautifully crafted beverage. Whether you’re new to THC products or a seasoned enthusiast, these seltzers are worth a try. Cheers to a refreshing and enjoyable experience!