White-ish yellow splotches late flower?

[ad_1] They’re in five gal containers with FF Strawberry Fields soil. I feed with BioThrive Bloom (two-four-four) on a feed-feed-water schedule at six-10ml/gal based on runoff PPM and often pH […]

yellow leaf and dark brown on edge( with pics)

[ad_1] hello RIU neighborhood, attempt to veg some F1 babys contact Dubble DaimondIm possessing challenge with clones in eaily vegthese clones root rapid in rock wool.I place them in the […]

Some leaves turning yellow

[ad_1] Hi guys my 1st develop in yrs. in about two-three weeks of flowering and I got some leaves turning yellow. Increasing in pro mix. Plants are inside and outdoors […]

Brown spots/yellow leaves

[ad_1] I can not get rid of these spots on my mother plant and its turniing a light green/yellow I am increasing with canna nutrients. I have been told it […]