Got lost while high (funny story)

A few hours after taking a 10MG Indica editable I got up to go to bed. I went to walk around the coffee table in our living room ( its roughly a 4’x4′ table) As I walked around the left side of the table it felt like it was taking too long so I went back to the couch. I then tried walking around the right side and got about halfway again and turned back around again because it seemed like it was taking too long. So this happens a few more times before I stop in front of the couch again and I started laughing while scratching my head. My wife yells from the bedroom “What is so funny?” I reply back to her “I can’t figure out how to get around the coffee table. Every time I try its taking too long so I keep coming back to the couch.” I hear her busting out in laugher. She almost peed herself she was laughing so hard at me. So I try walking around the left side again and make it about three quarters of the way this time and turn around again and go back to the couch. I hear my wife yell from the bedroom “Do I need to come get you?” I yelled back “No I’ll figure it out” So this time I go around the right side and when I felt it was taking too long I kept going anyway and got around the coffee table finale and was able to go to bed.

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