Cannabis Has a New Channel Connecting to 250 Million Televisions – in the United States Alone

“A New Cannabis Channel” (ANCC), a far-reaching streaming
television platform, is set to premiere next month on 4/20, the cannabis
industry’s biggest day. The official channel name will be unveiled along with
other exciting news in the weeks before the channel bows. Available on the most
popular ways people find, consume and engage with content, ANCC offers unprecedented
reach and exposure for cannabis, hemp and CBD brands.

ANCC is premiering globally on six television streaming
services including Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung TV and
LG Channels – services connected to 250 million televisions in just the United
States alone. The channel will also be available online and accompanied by
mobile apps for Android, iPhone, Amazon Mobile and Kindle.

“From the outside looking in, people may think that the cannabis industry is thriving, but there is still a lot of opportunities that have been out of reach,” said Dan Herer, of iconic Jack Herer™ Brands. “The cannabis industry needs to educate the marketplace, and cannabis businesses need a place to showcase their brands. By providing education through entertainment, A New Cannabis Channel blends the solution to these two challenges, opening the marketplace to tens of millions of people around the world like nothing else that is available.”

Despite the continuous march toward cannabis legalization in
the United States – most recently with New Jersey and Virginia approving
adult-use cannabis sales – the ability for brands to find and nurture large
audiences remains limited, fractured and increasingly more complicated. Each
state has its own regulatory framework, as do many localities, often
constricting the manner and message that cannabis brands can use to reach
target audiences. ANCC pierces through the complexity and restrictive
regulations, offering cannabis businesses the best opportunity yet to advertise,
build brand awareness and engage consumers.

With thousands of hours of high-quality video entertainment content,
ANCC is empowered by 420MEDIA, which achieved historic firsts by airing 30-second
cannabis commercial spots during prime-time programming on networks including
BRAVO, Discovery and the History Channel, and the first-ever cannabis ads to
air during an NFL Super Bowl. Viewers tuning into ANCC will see flagship series:

  • “5th Quarter” – Hosted by
    Super Bowl champion Marvin Washington, “5th Quarter” brings a new
    and higher standard to those seeking information about cannabis from the sports
  • “Nurse Talk” – Cannabis personality “Nurse
    Heather” Manus, RN introduces important topics about medical cannabis in
    conversations with medical professionals and patients.
  • “Faces of Cannabis” – Profiling the
    biggest names in the cannabis industry including pioneers and the people
    building cannabis into a thriving industry.

“People don’t know where to buy, what to buy or how to use
cannabis, and those are real problems we solve providing education through
entertainment,” said Kerri Accardi, founder of 420MEDIA and the driving force
behind A New Cannabis Channel. “Using engaging entertainment to solve the
information problem opens new opportunities for cannabis brands, through
advertising and product placements. We’re taking this solution even farther by using
technology to make calls to action immediately accessible with the tap of a
finger. The channel is free to watch, and brands can take full advantage of promotional
opportunities for less than their tradeshow swag budgets.”

Leveraging the full internet-based streaming television feature set, advertising takes on a new look as brands are embedded and easily discoverable in every episode. Combined with permanently placed QR codes, viewers instantly leap from programming to product by tapping the screen of their mobile devices. Add-ons extend the reach of advertising with physical world promotional opportunities. And that is only the tip of the branding iceberg created by ANCC.

“A New Cannabis Channel not only has the opportunity to dispel falsehoods and fiction of cannabis in all its forms but the responsibility to expose the truth and facts long-hidden and even removed from our understanding,” adds Herer. “This channel will not just show us how to survive in this future but thrive in it. The truth is out: cannabis is the future.”

Limited advertising and promotional opportunities remain for
the 4/20 premiere. Cannabis, hemp and CBD brands interested in joining ANCC
advertisers such as Jack Herer™ Brands, Curved Papers, and Chapman Health and
Wellness should contact Mark Nockels at [email protected].

Janet Vasquez

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