The Importance of Pesticide Free Cannabis

It just occured to me after doing some reading online that it’s most common, presently, to use “cheaper” pesticides on crops – especially with larger ones/bigger projects – and then perform a removal of the pesticides later on.

What scares me is that pesticides are well known for being tremendously hard to rid 100% of the way, so like… even when the lab results test back “good enough”, is it? It isn’t hard for me to imagine, especially at the rate of some cannabis consumers, that the trace amounts of pesticides are building up within them and taking their harmful toll on the hormonal functions of the body… Hell I think that may be even why there exist scientific reports that associate hormonal imbalance with certain cases of heavy cannabis use; what if it wasn’t the weed as much as one may believe?

Idk, one things for sure though, EVERYONE with an interest in using cannabis habitually should ideally look into self growing at home or some private spot. Sounds like a hassle, but it’s just one if those things. Big corporations are not going to follow the healthiest guidelines on this matter, nor should they assuming they coldly aim to maximize their profits. Sounds a lot better for me personally, I need to stop blowing money on the consumerist path here, especially if my health is in the line!

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