What Are CBD Cookies? The Benefits & Downsides

There are all kinds of weed edibles out there, but what are CBD cookies? Do they have the same effect? Will they get you high as THC does? What are the benefits and downsides of edible CBD products?

Few products have enjoyed CBD’s meteoric glow up onto the wellness supplement scene. Every day there are new products formulated for the different lifestyles of people who take their wellness seriously. You can find CBD-infused gummies, joint creams, and even facial serums that use cannabinoids to deliver a potent, effective blanket of calm and relaxation.

One recent trend in health and fitness is the protein cookie—a tasty treat to enjoy after a tough workout. As it turns out, enjoying a sugar rush after burning some calories is something people enjoy. Who knew? CBD brands, that’s who.

CBD cookies introduce a totally new way to get some protein into your diet while satisfying your sweet tooth. While protein gets busy helping your muscles rebuild after working out, CBD comes in to relax your muscles and reduce the inflammation that can come after strenuous activity—a match made in heaven.

Some Benefits of the CBD Cookie


CookiesThere’s no wrong way to take CBD. However, each method of delivery has its pros and cons. Vaping, for example, sends a rush of cannabinoids into your lungs where they are quickly absorbed and distributed all throughout the body.

Is this awesome? Yes, but vaping also wears off much faster than other methods. This leads users to increase their dosage and frequency so they can continue feeling the CBD. As they do this, they put themselves at risk of building drug tolerance, where the brain no longer responds to normal-sized doses. Sure, a few days off will fix this problem, but why not just find another way?

In contrast, you have the edible, where cannabinoids and other compounds are slowly digested over the course of an hour or so, slowly releasing the CBD into your body. Edibles tend to have a strong effect over time, but they start with a mild onset. As a result, they tend to feel a little less jarring. Plus, they last longer.

CBD cookies give you all the benefits of the traditional protein cookie while delivering a nice dose of calm and relaxation.

How CBD Improves Workout Results

Getting gains at the gym requires that your muscle fibers tear so they can be rebuilt stronger. Protein is required for that exchange to occur, as well as vitamin B12 and other energy sources. As you can imagine, this isn’t the easiest thing in the world for your body.

As blood is sent to sites experiencing soreness, your body undergoes inflammation. While inflammation isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can be very uncomfortable when blood packs into small spaces to apply pressure and help protein rebuild muscle.

After a tough workout, muscle pain is unavoidable. Inflammation, however, isn’t. CBD can help fitness fiends reduce the discomfort of post-workout inflammation by triggering the production of comforting hormones that help muscles to relax. This reduces the intensity of the inflammation pressure, which in turn restores regular blood flow there.

In other words, there may be a place for CBD in sports medicine as a safe, non-toxic way for athletes to recover faster. On top of that, the pain and stress relief is a bonus. CBD cookies deliver both proteins to rebuild muscle and CBD to make the process more efficient.

Possible Drawbacks

A woman lying on a beanbag chair

A woman lying on a beanbag chairIs CBD a miracle drug? Do cookies deserve to be called a health supplement? The answer to both these questions is a no. For all the good CBD can do, it too has its limitations. If you’re suffering severe inflammation, CBD only works as a short-term remedy—not a long-term solution. For those bad cases, a prescription may be the only solution.

As far as cookies go, most are made with at least some sugar. For those on a strict diet, this may not be the ideal way to get their daily protein. Of course, this isn’t much of a problem so long as you’re not eating cookies after every meal.

For those looking for a tasty, casual way to get protein in their diet, however, CBD cookies are a great option.

Cookies Can Hit Your Wallet Hard

Protein always seems to carry a high price tag. Whether it comes in a powder form, a bar, meat, or as a cookie, there’s a higher cost to eat protein than there is to load up on carbohydrates or other minerals. At $5-$8 a pop, protein cookies ask quite the commitment for those looking to snack on them each day.

Sometimes, it’s possible to find good deals on a CBD cookie, but these are usually rare. While there are cheap CBD cookies on the market, buying them runs the risk of getting low-quality, isolated cannabinoids that just don’t work that well.

“You get what you pay for” is nowhere more true than with wellness supplements. Because they aren’t regulated by the FDA, there tend to be many snake oil salespeople in the business. This is unfortunate because it casts a negative light on all the legitimate vendors out there who actually want to help people. Buy from good, trustworthy vendors.

With CBD cookies, buying good products will ultimately stretch your dollar further, as they will have more bang for your buck than cheap products do.

Finding Quality Products

Shopping for CBD products can be tricky. Whether you’re shopping online or at the local smoke shop, products vary widely in quality. Until you find a vendor you can trust, it’s hard to know the difference between products that work versus those that only masquerades as a real CBD product. Here are some things to keep in mind when hunting for good CBD supplements.

Always buy organic. This may not seem that important, but in an industry that lacks oversight and regulation, it’s nice to be able to rely on some sort of requirement. Organic farmers are held to stricter standards on what they can use to grow their crops. They are prohibited from using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, and they have to submit to regular soil tests.

While not all organic hemp-based products will be high quality, there’s a better chance than with products that face no standards or regulation. If organic isn’t listed in bold print on the product’s label, find something else that does.

Another great tool in identifying quality products is the lab report. These are documents sent from third-party chemical testing labs that give detailed measurements about CBD products, and they are great indicators of how well your money will be spent.

Lab reports contain lots of helpful information, such as exactly how much CBD can be found in your product. Additionally, though, they also document the presence of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, as well as heavy metals and other toxins that don’t belong in your wellness supplement.

Look for organic products, and try to read their lab reports. If the vendor can’t furnish one upon request, shop somewhere else.

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