Massachusetts Lawmakers Approve Adult-Use Cannabis Home Delivery

Marijuana home delivery is coming to Massachusetts after receiving the green light from state regulators on Monday.

The state’s Cannabis Control Commission approved new regulations that will open the door for pot being delivered directly to your door in the commonwealth. The commission created two types of licenses for delivery, according to local television station WCVB: one for “marijuana couriers” who “will be allowed charge a fee to make deliveries from a retailer or dispensary to the customer,” and another for “marijuana delivery operators,” who will be “permitted to buy wholesale products and make deliveries from their own warehouse.”

According to WCVB, the commission passed the new regulations by a vote of 3-1 “in a virtual meeting to approve revised rules for the industry.”

Under the regulations as written, a delivery agreement is defined as “a contract between a licensed Marijuana Establishment and a Delivery License holder or Marijuana Establishment with a Delivery Endorsement to deliver Marijuana or Marijuana Products from the Marijuana Establishment directly to Consumers and as permitted, Marijuana Couriers to Patients and Caregivers, under the provisions of a Delivery License.”

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