Prop 207 Is Already Stopping AZ Police from Making Marijuana Arrests

Prop 207

Law enforcement agencies in Gila County (the area northeast of Phoenix Metro) have been advised by the Gila County Attorney’s Office to stop charging people over the age of 21 for the possession of under one ounce of cannabis as of November 16, keeping the county ahead of Prop 207.

“The logic seems to be that charging someone with something that will almost certainly be dismissed is a waste of time and effort,” Gila County Sheriff Adam Shepherd told the Payson Roundup.

Arizona has become the first state to go from simple marijuana possession being a felony to it being legal. The swift law reform has many county attorneys in Arizona ending marijuana arrests since the charges would likely be dismissed or expunged when Prop 207 (the Smart and Safe Arizona Act) is implemented.

Voters approved Proposition 207 on Nov 3 by 60% to 40%. It will legalize and regulate the sale, possession, and use of up to one ounce of marijuana for adults who are 21 or older. Dispensaries will be licensed by March 2021 to sell recreational marijuana.


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