Anxiety from Regular use – Shakes & Sweats

I’m a 27m, ive been around pot since 16 and on and off a regular user since around 20. The past 2 years I go through phases but at its worst I stay high or at least smoke multiple times daily.

Throughout all of this I lead a productive life. However, slowly over the course of the year Ive been noticing more anxiety & negative emotions after a toke. Then about 2 weeks ago I hit a low. I started getting really sweaty and cant focus for long. I get really nervous thinking about work projects (music related-my passion) to the point where I can’t even work on them. I laid off smoke for a day and my hands were literally pouring sweat and I would have this nervous feeling at the base of my spine. I felt like I had to use all my will power to keep my body from trembling when around others & when playing music. Even around ppl I adore. I’m sometimes high strung naturally and sometimes get clammy…but this was different.

I switched to CBD flower and am weaning myself off thc for now. As much as I love her, maybe it’s time to let it go? At least on a regular basis.. I think I have too – but I’ve tried and failed so many times. Does anyone else relate? Peace

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