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Marijuana is adored and consumed worldwide by a significant amount of people. We are starting to witness many of the first world countries legalizing the medical and recreational use of cannabis. Regardless of this positive turn of events, most workplaces remain rigid in the personal use of cannabis. Being aware of an upcoming drug test for a significant job opportunity may give you enough time to take a tolerance break. However, it is necessary to have an idea of how it affects the body and the healthiest ways to get THC out of your system.

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How Long Does Marijuana Stay in the System?

Marijuana usually stays in the system for 1-30 days, depending on a few factors. If you are an infrequent user, weed should be out of your system within 3 days. For frequent users, it takes up to 30 days for marijuana to completely leave the system. Furthermore, weight, body fat, consumption level, metabolism, and health conditions also influence the process.

How Long Does it Take to Get Marijuana Out of the System?

It is estimated that the half-life of marijuana is 7 days, which means that it usually takes 7 days for every 50% of marijuana to leave the body for frequent users.

THC remains longer in chronic users as it is stored in the fat cells. A person with low body fat will have an easier time getting rid of the THC molecules, and so will a person with a high metabolism. Being able to burn calories faster helps to get THC out of the system.

Diet also affects the time it requires to detox marijuana. More water intake, zinc, fresh fruits, and vegetables help the body get rid of toxins and THC. Water and zinc also help to dilute the urine to make it harder to detect residual THC.

Usually, we want to get rid of marijuana before appearing as an applicant for a drug test. In that case, detox drinks can help you eliminate marijuana from your body. It helps to expel and mask the presence of THC in the system. Detox drinks such as Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse is a trendy method to remove the trace of marijuana from our body. However, you can remove marijuana by drinking water regularly, cut off caffeine from your body, and eat natural fruits.

How Does the Detox Process Work

Fundamentally, avoiding any substance to cleanse the body from its residual molecules is the process of detoxing. This process is very trivial for some people, whereas some may find it to be incredibly difficult. The effects of detox often depend on the level of consumption and psychological dependency. The marijuana detox process may come with some unwanted effects such as headaches, anxiety, depression, lack of appetite, insomnia, and irritability.

The best ways to effectively help the detox process are all-natural and often depend on time and patience. Abstaining from consumption, exercising, and burning some calories, drinking lots of water every day and a healthy diet are the best ways to facilitate the process. Being kind to yourself and self-love are the best ways to handle the mental effects that may come with abstaining from cannabis.

Research Material on Marijuana Detox

Marijuana’s effect on the brain is one of the most debated topics with an array of confusing information worldwide. Although popular myths state that marijuana is not addictive, research has shown that THC, the active psychoactive compound in cannabis, makes it addictive. Marijuana withdrawal is also possible contrary to popular belief. It starts 3 weeks after the last consumption. Some of the mental effects of alcohol and marijuana abuse are very similar.

Marijuana withdrawal syndromes are mostly mental effects, which means that unlike most other substances, dealing with marijuana withdrawal is more comfortable with a little bit of willpower and dedication. Withdrawals of marijuana do not include intense physical effects other than headaches and general discomfort.

Types of Drug Test

The three commonly used drug tests are done by examining urine, blood, and hair.

Urinalysis is the most common of them, as it is comparatively less expensive, and the results are accurate.

Blood tests identify THC in the bloodstreams. THC remains in the bloodstream for a more extended period for infrequent users.

A hair test is the least common form of testing. However, THC remains in the hair follicle over several months so be aware of a hair test is essential. It is possible to pass a hair test using detox kits and shampoos produced explicitly for the cause. The success rate is not 100% though.

Best Products for Marijuana Detox

Toxin Rid

Toxin Rid contains a variety of courses and suggestions. Liquid detox drinks, pills, and dietary fiber are available under this product. The ingredients used are claimed to be natural and vegan friendly with overall good reviews.

Certo Premium Liquid Fruit Pectin

Certo Fruit Pectin is another option for marijuana detox with a good record and reviews provided by users.

Detox Methods to Avoid

  • Avoid consuming detox drinks more than the suggested amount. It will not work better but rather dilute the urine sample more. Drug tests do not detect detox drinks, but they can detect an overly diluted sample.
  • Avoid consuming unreliable detox drinks. The market is filled with many products that are produced to deceive instead of serving the purpose.
  • Having a big meal or starving yourself are both wrong methods before starting a detox. Maintain your regular diet with healthy, natural food.


In conclusion, it is safe to say that unless you are in a lot of urgencies, the best way to detox your body from weed is to let it happen naturally. Avoid consumption for some time, enjoy the process, and fill the time with some healthy exercise, diet, and your favorite hobbies. Our body is excellent at getting rid of toxins and molecules that are not needed, so letting it run its course naturally is the brightest idea. If you need to resort to a detox kit, make sure you do your research and choose wisely.

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