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This CBD Infusionz review has been medically reviewed by Gavin Van De Walle, MS, RD and was written by the team at CBDStudy, a CBD research publication.

CBD Infusionz launched in 2014, so it has been around for a while. There isn’t really a “brand” surrounding CBD Infusionz, as the company is pretty straightforward and mainly focuses on the products themselves. They have an extensive product line, especially in the edibles category. There are over 25 gummies, all of which are customizable by formula.

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CBD Infusionz Overview

Since CBD Infusionz launched in 2014, we consider them one of the first CBD companies. CBD has been around forever and has been utilized in places where it was legal for a long time.

Therefore, there are tons of CBD companies with decades of experience, but the CBD industry experienced a nearly overnight boom in 2018 with the passing of the Farm Bill. This made hemp federally legal under the United States law. The U.S. hemp industry grew exponentially, and became a global CBD powerhouse.

With this information in mind, we expect a lot from the companies that were in business prior to 2018, especially where quality, transparency and education are concerned. CBD Infusionz seems to hit some of those areas, but it sorely misses the mark in others.

Let’s dive into CBD Infusionz a little more deeply.

The Good:

  • Extensive product line
  • Both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum formulas available
  • CBD available in strong concentrations
  • Quick shipping

The Bad:

  • The full- and broad-spectrum formulas are not particularly potent
  • The lab results available on the website are not comprehensive

Who Is CBD Infusionz?

CBD Infusionz was founded in 2014 and is proudly based in Denver, Colorado. It was acquired in 2019 by Golden Developments [1], but it doesn’t appear that much has changed since the acquisition. We would like to see more background information immediately available on the website. It is important for brands to be transparent about who they are and why they jumped into the industry. Putting a face to the name can establish more meaningful customer relationships.

CBD Infusionz may have suffered during the pandemic, because they took out a PPP loan in May 2020.[2] We hope they and other brands that suffered from the shutdown are on the track to recovery. CBD Infusionz sources its hemp from a few of Colorado’s larger farms, and most farms in the state use organic growing practices, though they are usually not certified. The company uses a sub-zero ethanol-extraction method to make its CBD, and we were happy to report that our lab results didn’t test any solvent residue, so it’s a clean extract.

There are third-party lab results available on the website, but they are not very complete. They do update the results with each new batch, so it is nice that they keep it current. We would like to see additional reports in the website’s lab results, such as the pesticide residue levels.

Their Approach

As we touched on before, the company isn’t focused on creating a standout brand. Because of this, we aren’t sure what their approach is. They have their lab results in a tab on the main menu, so we know they are open and transparent there. Other than that, we don’t know a lot about them and their goals.

CBD Infusionz: Product Highlights

The product line is diverse: They offer topicals, oils, a huge edibles line, pet products and capsules. They even offer more unique products like drink mixes and CBD tonic with elderberry to support immunity.

CBD Oils

The oils come in both broad- and full-spectrum formulas. According to our lab results, they are a bit weak, because they do not contain the full palette of minor cannabinoids. They do have some additional cannabinoids that may improve the efficacy of CBD, but it could definitely be stronger. CBD Infusionz has an oil concentration for everyone, whether you are a new CBD user or a seasoned pro.

For the full-spectrum formula, you can start at 300 milligrams a bottle and go up to a jam-packed 5,280 milligrams of CBD. They all come in a 30 mL bottle. We ordered the 150-milligram bottle, and apparently the company no longer sells that concentration. It doesn’t look like there are any flavor options. The ingredient list simply states MCT (medium-chain triglycerides) oil and CBD oil. The full-spectrum oil starts at $26.99 and goes up to $269.99. This price point seems pretty average by industry standards.

The broad-spectrum formula is essentially the same thing as full-spectrum oil, except the THC has been removed. This is ideal for people who regularly undergo drug screenings and cannot test positive for THC. Like the full-spectrum oil, you can start at 300 milligrams per bottle and go up to 5,280 milligrams. The broad-spectrum oil is priced the same as the full-spectrum, starting at $26.99 and going up to $269.99. The broad-spectrum formulas also seem to come flavorless and are blended with MCT oil.

CBD Capsules

Many people do not like the taste of CBD oil. Full-spectrum extracts in particular can have an earthy taste. Capsules are a great way to get your daily dose of CBD without forcing down the bitter taste of an oil. Capsules are also ideal for people who may not want to mess with measuring out their CBD or handling an oil.

CBD Infusionz only carries their softgel capsules in a full-spectrum formula; however, there are plenty of CBD gummy options available if you are looking for a broad-spectrum extract. These softgel capsules are made with gelatin, so they are not suitable for vegans. You can choose to purchase a bottle of 10, 20 or 40 capsules per bottle. The concentration does not change with the size. Each softgel capsule will remain at 25 milligrams. The softgel capsules start at $35.99 and go up to $99.99.

CBD Gummies

The company offers a wide selection of edibles, including lollipops, various drinks and honey. We’re going to jump into the gummies because there are 25 different varieties of the gummies alone. We won’t get into all of them, but we’ll go over a few. The brand has three different gummy lines with a variety of choices. You can choose traditional gummies, sour gummies or natural gummies.

The CBD gummies start at $11.99 and go up to $88.99. This is just a basic CBD gummy, but there are many options to choose from. You can grab fruit rings, red fish, fruit snacks, spearmint, and so on. You can choose CBD amounts ranging from 100 milligrams to 1,200 milligrams, with or without melatonin, and selecting full- or broad-spectrum gummies.

Also starting at $11.99 and going up to $88.99 are the sour gummies. There are eight kinds to choose from, and they come in concentrations of 10 or 20 milligrams of CBD per gummy, in containers of 10 or 60. Like the traditional gummies, you can choose between regular and melatonin gummies, and between full- and broad-spectrum formulas.

The CBD natural gummies are supposedly made with organic ingredients and have added vitamin C. They also start at $11.99 and go up to $88.99, which is slightly alarming considering most organic ingredients typically cost more than conventional ones. We hope the brand isn’t cutting price corners in other ways. You can choose between three different natural gummies, and one is even vegan. These come with the same options as the other gummies: 10 or 20 milligrams of CBD per gummy, melatonin or not, and full- or broad-spectrum.

CBD Topicals

CBD topicals are an easy way to get localized relief. If you need joint and muscle recovery, a CBD topical is a great option. Infusionz makes some great topicals to help you reach your goals. We are only going to go over two, but there are a few to choose from.

Infusionz carries a massage oil that starts at $34.99 and goes up to $64.99. This is perfect for people who battle sore muscles, such as athletes and fitness enthusiasts, and especially those who implement massage into their wellness routine. Many people bring CBD massage oil to their massage therapist and ask them to use that instead of the traditional oil. This massage oil features ingredients like olive oil, vitamins E and A, and jojoba oil, which has anti-inflammatory properties.[3]

You can also add in your own essential oils to personalize your experience. Throw in a bit of lavender for a relaxing effect or some peppermint oil for cooling. You can choose between 500 milligrams and 1,000 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD. The product description, unfortunately, does not indicate a size.

One of Infusionz’ more unique topicals is their Orange Cinnamon Spice CBD body butter. Body butters are typically very thick, and are great for people who want a rich and luxurious lotion. This is a non-greasy, lightly scented lotion. You can choose between 500 and 1,000 milligrams of broad-spectrum CBD per four-ounce bottle.

Pet Products

Like many brands, CBD Infusionz carries a line of pet products. Animals have been shown to respond well to CBD, and more pet owners are turning to the plant-based option for their pets.[4] The brand offers a tincture, capsules and treats.

The tincture comes in a 250 milligram, 500 milligram and 1,000 milligram concentration of CBD. Each bottle is 30 mL, and the dosage depends on the individual animal. The tincture is just like the broad-spectrum tincture they make for humans, and it starts at $40.49 and goes up to $112.49.

The treats come in four different flavors, which is great for picky animals. Choose between bacon, salmon, cheddar and peanut butter. The treats are formulated with either 5 or 10 milligrams of CBD each, and come in bags of 25 or 50. They start at $17.99 and go up to $29.99.

Our Lab Findings

In order to provide you with factual and unbiased information, we must first put the company’s claims to the test. We send each product we review off to a third-party lab to verify that what the company is saying is true.

We sent the 150-milligram oil off to an independent lab for testing. The CBD content was right on the money, with the lab results reading at 152 milligrams. A 10 percent variance from label to lab report is considered normal, and CBD Infusionz is well within that range. As far as the rest of the formula goes, it is a pretty weak full-spectrum formula.

The only other cannabinoid detected was CBG, and it was only 3 milligrams. Our third-party lab did not detect any CBC, CBN or THC. We don’t agree with the company’s labeling of this product as a full-spectrum extract. This product did pass the solvents and pesticides test.

Shipping and Returns

While the company says they will usually process most orders between three and five business days, they have indicated that there may be some delays due to the coronavirus. The ship through USPS and the total will be calculated at checkout. They do ship to all 50 states; however, they do not ship internationally.

We love when a company executes fast shipping, and CBD Infusionz did just that. We ordered during the week. Our product was shipped the next day, and in our mailbox two days later! We are very satisfied with their shipping. The company does not offer a satisfaction guarantee; however, they do offer refunds for unopened products that are returned within 30 days. You are responsible for shipping.

We do want to highlight our experience with customer service. A representative got back to us within a day of us sending an email. They were polite and answered our questions with helpful resources. We did wish the representative would have spent more time talking to us and educating us from their own words, rather than referring us to blog posts and articles. Regardless of that, our experience with customer service was positive.

Our Verdict on CBD Infusionz

Overall, CBD Infusionz is not a bad brand. Their prices are affordable and their product selection is diverse—especially the edibles and CBD gummies. We do think they could focus on making a more potent full-spectrum formula. We would also like to see more company information and transparency on the website.

If you like CBD edibles, though, this may just be your new favorite brand.


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