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This is an update to the previous article on Coronavirus and the possibility that CBD (Cannabidiol) could be a possible treatment for the Covid-19 pandemic.

In fact at the time of writing this article, the Israeli’s are undergoing trials as to the possibility of CBD treatment for covid-19 according to this article.

To date the casualties make for eye-watering reading as infections leading to deaths associated with the pandemic have peaked in most countries, but nevertheless continue apace.

The hardest hit of all European countries at present writing 8th May 2020 is the UK with the mortality rate now at 30,617.

The hardest hit country by far is the UNited States with 76,942 deaths.

Global deaths have now reached 270,087 with 1,347,970 closed cases (discharged)

These figures and more details can be found at

The question over whether or not CBD products can have a positive input with regards to the fight against the covid-19 outbreak is on-going. However there is a growing swell of opinion amongst the medical community that this may indeed be the case.

However the clinical trials for a remedy or even vaccine for the outbreak continues, and alternative remedies such as CBD (that has a proven track record regarding boosting the immune system) will no doubt be in the front of peoples minds as the race for a covid 19 vaccine goes on.

Meanwhile CBD products are already here and readily available online through many outlets.

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