Henep CBD merchandise are manufactured with bioavailability as a concentrate for men and women that lead active lifestyles.

From edibles to vapes, hemp extracts and smokable hemp
flower, the market place is flooded with CBD merchandise in many accessible
consumption possibilities.

Cannabinoids like CBD are lipophilic molecules, which means that they are not water-soluble in their all-natural state. This can be an concern when you take into consideration that our bodies are up to 60% water, producing it tricky to get the complete efficacy accessible from these sorts of molecules. 

If you are an athlete or lead an active life-style, there can be instances your physique requirements to recover immediately. Possibly you have played a tough game or improved your reps at the health club? Improved bioavailability of CBD merchandise could support lessen physical exercise-induced anxiety, injury and inflammation. It can also support lessen anxiousness, market greater sleep and boost all round wellness.

Henep has created a water-soluble CBD powder (derived from oil) that mixes into meals or drink, rising the bioavailability of the molecules to support make their way into the endocannabinoid technique.

In quick, bioavailability is the speed and price a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream. Utilizing nanotechnology, Henep CBD merchandise are manufactured with bioavailability as a concentrate, which means the water-soluble powder merchandise are additional effortlessly absorbed into the physique.

Variables like the concentration of cannabinoids and how the solution is consumed can make it tricky to accurately and regularly measure the bioavailability of conventional CBD merchandise. Henep’s merchandise have precise dosing, producing it even simpler to get your everyday dose of CBD.

CBD Recovery is created to be consumed just before, in the course of and following workouts for faster recovery and combat Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

Phyto-15 is flavorless powder that dissolves effortlessly into any beverage (or meals) for on-the-go CBD relief.

Plant Protein is a pea, hemp, and rice protein powder blended with cold-pressed cacao and nano CBD that can support make and repair tissue, make enzymes and replenish other bodily chemical substances.

Higher in antioxidants, the heart-healthful fruit and nut filled Raw Bar snack is packed with 40mg of immediate-acting nano CBD, fantastic for refueling when you are on the go.

Founded with the belief that hemp can support people today and the
planet, Henep CBD merchandise are produced from higher-top quality organic hemp and certified
third-celebration tested. Their merchandise are organic and vegan, with no sugar,
additives, preservatives or fillers.

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