Watch the cannabis and financial improvement town hall forum, and understand what’s up with the present and future of cannabis regulation in Mendocino (video)


UKIAH, 10/six/19 — The Mendocino Cannabis Alliance, in conjunction with the Mendocino County Board of Supervisors Ad Hoc Committee on Cannabis Financial Improvement, held a town hall style discussion at the Ukiah Conference Center Saturday evening. The 3 hour lengthy discussion ranged far and wide more than the present and future of cannabis in Mendocino County, frequently straying into the finer points of organization and regulation, but also engaging with the large image inquiries of whither Mendo cannabis in this brave new legal planet. (watch the video)

On the panel have been the ad hoc members, supervisors Ted Williams and Dan Gjerde, as properly as Mendocino County Creating and Solutions Director Brent Schultz, Jude Thilman, lawyer Hannah Nelson, executive director of the Mendocino Appellations Project Genine Coleman, and Del Potter, chief science officer of Boxcar Provide Organization.

Just after the meeting Vice President of the Mendocino Cannabis Alliance Monique Ramirez commented, “I was definitely impressed with how a lot of men and women came out at a time when men and women are currently harvesting, and nevertheless creating the trek out to listen and to be courageous adequate to get up and to speak their opinion on all the several subjects, and I assume this is just the starting of a lot of a lot more discussions — and I am just proud to be a element of Mendocino County and watch our neighborhood come with each other even if we do not normally agree.”

She added, “There is an chance to locate a middle ground that functions for every person and I assume if we continue to obtaining these meetings and discussion we’ll get there.”

Watch the videos

Watch the complete occasion, which was about three hours lengthy beneath — turn it on in the background whilst you are attending to your harvest season duties:

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