Bathroom Trap Door Leads Italian Police to Enormous Cannabis Develop


A mesmerizing video detailing a glowing portal to the big develop operation has immediately gone viral across social media.

Police on the Italian island of Sardinia opened the cannabis equivalent of a cartoon treasure chest when they found a enormous cannabis develop operation hidden behind a modest trap door in the shower of a residential bathroom. 

In a new video that has now gone viral with additional than 4 million views on Twitter alone, Sardinia cops come across a secret door hidden on the wall of a tiled bathroom stall. Behind it, gold light shines from a secret space produced to property an industrial-sized black marketplace pot develop.

According to CNN, the clandestine develop space was more than five,000 square feet and housed additional than 500 plants. To facilitate uniform development, the space was equipped with complete lighting ballasts and a halogen lamp method. And in correct criminal style, the develop property was temperature controlled by heat pumps and fans operating off stolen electrical energy.

Cops on the scene produced a single arrest, charging the homeowner with production and possession of illicit narcotics, as nicely as possession of an unlicensed firearm and ammunition. Police did not report how they stumbled upon the shower door greenhouse, but with such a enormous space hidden from the public, we’re guessing they just asked exactly where the second half of the property was. 

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