The Most effective Dispensaries in Massachusetts (2019 Guide)


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To enable guide out-of-state guests on their journeys by way of the most effective dispensaries in Massachusetts, we’ve place collectively a list of some of the most effective and most noteworthy retailers in the state, along with some attractive sights to see along the way.

The icing on the cake is that the state is not really massive at all you may perhaps be amazed by how significantly you can practical experience in a brief quantity of time. 

While Maine has also passed cannabis legalization, Massachusetts is at present the only state in the Northeast exactly where you can get legal pot. Soon after residents voted in favor of adult-use in 2016, the state’s 1st retailers opened final November, and there are at present 26 open across the state, with quite a few extra on the way. As a outcome of becoming the only horse in the race in the area (DC aside, sort of), retailers are frequented by tons of out-of-state shoppers a single shop estimated that half of all their shoppers are coming from New York State. 

Opening a legal industry in the Northeast has designed an insane imbalance of provide and demand that has fueled extended lines and a dearth of solution. But it has also designed a superb chance for each Massachusetts residents and cannabis customers from across the area to get their hands on a secure option to the black industry goods accessible in their dwelling states (though the state’s governor, Charlie Baker, lately enacted a 4-month ban on all vapes).

Theory Wellness

Our tour across Massachusetts starts at the western edge of the state, exactly where a handful of prosperous retailers are turning out extraordinary goods. Theory Wellness, in the quaint town of Wonderful Barrington, has gotten a ton of press for their insanely extended lines – on the weekends, it can take more than two hours to get in the freakin’ door – and we advise that you quit by early. It is not just the basic lack of competitors that has created Theory so attractive, nevertheless: the decor is tasteful and minimalist and the squad of budtenders posted up behind a extended polished counter is a sunny bunch, to say absolutely nothing of their wide choice of goods. Their line of gummy chews are tasty and properly-balanced they’re a excellent go-to, particularly when the vape pan is in impact.

Canna Provisions

Though Theory Wellness adheres to a traditional dispensary model, Canna Provisions, in the nearby town of Lee, has set up their shop in a novel way, pairing shoppers with totally autonomous stations, to enable speed factors up. They have a specifically insane concentrates choice that lives in an old roll-up desk that utilised to belong to Robert E. Hannon, the blind judge that fined Arlo Guthrie and inadvertently got him out of the Vietnam War, as documented in the troubadour’s sprawling and iconic song “Alice’s Restaurant” (accurate story). Do not imply to rub it in or something, but their sativa-dominant NF-1 cartridge was pure fire.


Northampton, a hub of peak crunchiness that lies 50 miles to the east of Canna Provisions, is also dwelling to a single of the state’s 1st dispensaries: NETA (which was lately sold to Surterra Wellness). Like other dispensaries, it has several places the other is in the Boston suburb of Brookline. 

There’s significantly to take pleasure in in town, particularly soon after you have paid a go to to NETA. Each Saw Mill Hills and nearby Mount Tom give beautiful hikes that are specifically dazzling when the leaves are altering. If your concept of a good of a cozy afternoon entails becoming curled up with a book, appear no additional than the dreamy globe of the Book Mill.

Garden Treatments

Let us continue east on our journey to Boston, land of incredible seafood, beer, The Departed and a single other recreational shop (in addition to NETA), Garden Treatments. To keep away from the notorious lines that have plagued other retailers in the state, Garden Treatments calls for all guests to schedule an appointment in advance. For the duration of a go to to the location final month, I booked an appointment on a Saturday morning for about 5pm the similar day. I also brought my parents, for their 1st dispensary go to you are permitted to bring other folks with you, as extended as they do not acquire something themselves. 

“I anticipated it to be significantly less businesslike than it was,” my mom told me afterward. “I was most likely considering extra of what a head shop was back in the 70’s and 80’s. I was impressed with the safety and the professionalism of the individual that served us.”

While it is at present a moot point, it is worth noting that the retailers only presented Seven East vape cartridges, which only indicate their effects, like “Relax,” rather of any precise strain facts. And throughout our go to, there was only a single strain for acquire: Chemdawg four


My favored aspect of Massachusetts is Cape Cod, the curving landmass that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean. Though there are at present no shops open on the Cape, rec shop Verilife, in the mainland town of Wareham, is close sufficient to enable you re-stock something you may perhaps have missed on your journey. 

From there, Cape Cod is yours to discover. There are practically infinite views of spots to take in each Cape Cod Bay to a single side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. If you make it all the way to Provincetown, at the really finish of the Cape, you can have each, on either the Dune Shacks Trail or at Race Point. A sunset with a cool sea breeze, and a lobster roll in hand…I cannot believe of any improved way to finish this Massachusetts cannabis odyssey.


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