In current weeks a quantity of stories have come out relating to illnesses attributed to vape pen use. Some situations involved customers that have reported working with cannabis vape pen cartridges and other people involved customers that reported obtaining only utilized nicotine-primarily based vaping merchandise.

Some of the situations involved THC cartridges and other people did not. Some situations involved the dilutant additive vitamin E acetate and other people did not. All of the situations are unfortunate. Regardless of what is to blame for every single case, the reputation of cannabis vape cartridges has declined according to a report by USA These days:

Amid the well being scare, the quantity of the legal pot industry’s income that comes from vape merchandise has dropped by 15% nationwide, with some states seeing decreases of much more than 60%.

“It’s obtaining an effect on how customers are behaving,” mentioned David Alport, owner of Bridge City Collective in Portland, which in two weeks this month saw a 31% drop in sales of vape cartridges that hold the oil that vaporizes when heated. “People are concerned, and we’re concerned.”

Vape pen cartridges have grown exponentially in reputation in current years. They are handy, discrete, and build far significantly less odor compared to smoking cannabis. It will be fascinating to see if sales continue to lower. That will in the end rely on what extra data comes out about the well being situations.

Unregulated cannabis vape pen cartridges need to be 100% avoided by customers. With out testing, there’s no way to know what is contained in the cartridges. As for regulated cannabis vape pen cartridges, if they are bought from regulated outlets that need testing, merchandise need to be secure. On the other hand, customers proceed at their personal threat.

Stringent regulations are most likely on the way for cannabis vape pen cartridges. In Massachusetts four-month ban was not too long ago announced, which is an unfortunate public policy method that will most likely outcome in several customers turning to the unregulated industry, which is exactly where the well being threat is the greatest.