How to Maintain Your Electric Atomizer Prepared to Rip


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The KandyPens OURA e-rig was produced to deliver cannabis customers with dense vapor and energy-packed hits. It is removable glass bulb attachment and eye-catching design and style deliver a exclusive individual and group knowledge, although its ceramic atomizer keeps your material’s flavor intact.

As cannabis technologies gets smarter, the want to retain higher-finish gear like the OURA in tip-best shape has never ever been greater. Fortunately, the method does not have to be difficult. Take a appear at these strategies to retain your atomizer clean and prepared for the significant rips you crave.

1) Have an understanding of the mechanics of your atomizer

User guides are not just for your junk drawer. It is specifically essential to study them immediately after you have bought a new e-rig atomizer. Atomizers housed in rigs like the OURA are explained in quick to have an understanding of manuals, with notes on how to use sophisticated options like 1-touch operation as properly.

Make confident that you study your e-rig user guide to get familiar with all the unique settings of your rig. Know what size dab fits properly inside the bowl or banger, so you do not encounter any unfortunate overflow accidents and waste valuable solution.

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Verify and see if the business that tends to make your atomizer provides any type of lifetime warranty, like the 1 supplied on the OURA. It will aid you really feel much less panicked if one thing goes awry.

two) Maintain concentrate cleaning supplies stocked

Ever realized you necessary to clean your rig, but do not have the supplies to do so? Maintaining e-rig cleaning supplies on hand is the very best way to get into the habit of cleaning your rig on a regular basis. Make confident to retain fundamentals like isopropyl alcohol, coarse salt and lots of cotton swabs on deck. KandyPens ISO Snap Caps include alcohol inside of them currently, generating clean-up a breeze.

three) Clean your e-rig immediately after each and every use

You have had your session and been in a position to revel in the effects of your favored goods. Now it is time to clean. Although cleaning your dab rig each and every time you use it could look tedious, it is the very best way to retain it in fantastic functioning situation.

If your atomizer is removable, like the 1 located in the KandyPens OURA, deep cleaning sessions are uncomplicated. Just use a cotton swab to spot-clean the atomizer immediately after every single use. Although it could not be the most fascinating aspect of your session, keeping your vaporizer is the very best way to extend the life of your rig.

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four) Retailer your e-rig with an empty bowl and no water

If you can not very bring oneself to clean your e-rig every single time you use it, at least make confident it is stored with an empty cup and no water in the glass elements.

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Your cannabis goods stand a improved likelihood at remaining fresh inside air-tight packaging, and you deserve to knowledge the taste and flavor of your solution with every single use. You also run much less danger of spilling old vape water, which comes with a distinct smell that lots of attempt to steer clear of.

five) Stop sticky accidents by teaching very best practice to your very best good friends

Sharing is caring, so of course, you want your good friends to use your great new dab rig. The possibilities for human error enhance each and every time an individual makes use of your rig without the need of reading the guidelines, so make confident that anyone seshing with your gear knows how it performs.

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Remind them not to exhale into the mouthpiece to avert water from having into the incorrect components of your rig, and teach them about any light or temperature settings that will aid them use it like a pro. Clever e-rigs like the OURA function haptic feedback and lighting effects to let you know when you can take a draw, generating sessions enjoyable and fool-proof.

six) Charge your e-rig battery immediately after each and every session

Nothing at all ruins the excitement of a session like a dead e-rig battery. Higher-capacity rigs like the OURA are equipped with a 3000mAh battery and USB-C Quickly-Charging to make confident you do not ever have to wait as well lengthy for that valuable 1st hit.

Maintain your charger exactly where you can very easily uncover it and plug your e-rig in for a re-charge. Picking out a rig with a good aesthetic makes it possible for it to blend in with your décor although it charges – one thing to look at if you are attempting to cultivate your personal vape-vibe.

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Taking care of your e-rig is the very best way to delight in it every single time you fire it up. Adhere to these strategies and turn out to be the dab professional you have generally wanted to be.


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