What’s the DEA’s Announcement Imply for the Future of Cannabis Investigation?


When the DEA stated it would open up cannabis licenses for producers, it sounded like a saving grace for pot investigation in America. But a appear at previous history begs the query, “is it just the newest obstacle?”

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency lately announced plans to expand cannabis investigation in the U.S. In late August, right after a years-extended hiatus in communications among the agency and prospective growers, federal officials stated they would quickly resume make contact with with groups that have applied to register to manufacture cannabis for researchers.

The DEA stated it hopes the addition of certified applicants will enhance the wide variety of researchable marijuana. Considering that 1968, due to antiquated federal regulations and a contract with the National Institute on Drug Abuse, only the University of Mississippi has been permitted to cultivate and offer cannabis to healthcare researchers across the nation. As an added complication, the federal government nonetheless classifies cannabis as a Schedule I controlled substance, the exact same classification as LSD, heroin, and methamphetamine.

Nevertheless, marijuana advocates say the agency’s announcement final month is its newest in a series of stall techniques. It is the second time in far more than 3 years that the agency has attempted a equivalent bluff, advocates say — and the third time in far more than a decade. In that time researchers have been offered material that appears far more like “lawnmower clippings” than excellent cannabis, says researcher Sue Sisley, who leads the Scottsdale Investigation Institute in Arizona. That is why their group filed a lawsuit in the D.C. Circuit of Appeals in June searching for to speed up the agency’s approach of reviewing and issuing licenses. The DEA had till August 28th to respond. They created the reduce by 3 days. [Read more @ Rolling Stone]


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