Mid-Variety Does Not Imply Mediocre


A transportable, but potent vaporizer, the Boundless CFX model from Ontario-primarily based Boundless Vape Technologies could possibly be the proper selection for persons searching for a mid-variety priced device that produces high quality vapor and surprisingly superior taste.

Marketed on Boundless’s site as taking aromatherapy innovation to the subsequent level, the CFX does pack a severe punch for a transportable vaporizer.

Appropriate for each frequent customers as effectively as absolute newbies, this quick-heating vaporizer has distinctive options that we’ll discover in detail in the following overview.

What’s in the Boundless CFX box?

Aside from the device itself, with every single obtain you will get:

  • A cleaning brush
  • A stir tool
  • A wall charger
  • A USB charger
  • two rechargeable 2500 mAh Li-ion batteries
  • And the owner’s manual

All in all – quite normal for most transportable vaporizers on the industry currently.

Boundless CFX tech specs

Obtaining currently described the dual charging choice with the wall and the USB charger, it is worth noting that the Boundless CFX charges superfast.

The vaporizer is also equipped with two rechargeable 2500 mAh Li-ion batteries.

Charging through the USB requires up to 3 hours even though making use of the frequent wall charger slashes that time to in between 30 and 60 minutes. This, in mixture with the speedy heat-up time, is exactly where the CFX excels.

Crucial – the Boundless CFX has an initial charging time of four – four.five hours when making use of the USB, and 1 – 1.five hours making use of the wall charger.

On to the temperature, the Boundless CFX has a temperature handle variety of 100°F to 430°F (37.8°C-221.1°C).

The 80 W ceramic oven could possibly be 1 of its strongest promoting points as the device heats up in about 20 seconds.

As described, the oven is ceramic, even though the heating element is created of aluminum.

The CFX’s mixture of convection and conduction heating final results in dense, even vapor with visible clouds and a pretty strong taste.

The corporation also presents a water pipe adapter (sold separately), which will improve the general taste of your solution.

In order to preserve battery life, the CFX has a five-minute auto shut off. Per charging, anticipate to get ten to fifteen five-minute sessions. Following a completed session, the CFX goes into standby mode.

Other options consist of haptic feedback, a big OLED show, and a completely isolated air path.

For the uninitiated, an isolated vapor path is of paramount value as you do not want to inhale something other than the herbs when vaping (for each flavor and well being causes).

Boundless CFX vapor high quality

Bearing in thoughts the Boundless CFX’s mid-variety price tag point ($179.99), the vapor high quality is in fact quite exceptional.

The hybrid heating technique delivers smooth, strong taste, even though vapor density is definitely superior – the device can create quite impressive, thick clouds. Naturally, the reduce price tag point of the Boundless CFX indicates it will not precisely outperform the Mighty. Nonetheless, when it comes to vapor high quality, the two are comparable – and the CFX puts up a superior fight.

As there have been some complaints concerning airflow and the plastic mouthpiece, the superior persons of the net did point out that the mouthpiece can be switched with a various brand (with a small bit of disassembling).

Most would agree that glass mouthpieces are essential in order to take pleasure in maximum flavor purity and vapor cooling, so it could possibly be one thing worth searching into for fans of a premium vaping encounter.

BoundlessCFX design and style

Boundless CFX

Weighing about 7 ounces, the CFX is compact and certainly transportable. Nonetheless, it is not definitely pocket-friendly and the vibrant OLED show is not precisely subtle. For these searching for a pocket-sized option, verify out the Boundless CF.

Nonetheless, the digital show does come in quite handy as it contains all the data you will need in the course of a session.

The Boundless CFX is not definitely a showstopper in terms of design and style. It is about the similar width and length of a bigger cell telephone and it feels sturdy in the hand. All in all, the design and style is neat but practically nothing to create house about.

How to use the BoundlessCFX

Making use of the Boundless CFX is quite straightforward, which final results in constant and foolproof vaping. The big capacity chamber is perfect for longer sessions, nonetheless, it will operate just as fine with smaller sized loads.

  1. You start out off by removing the mouthpiece and inserting 1 of the screens offered with the CFX into the heating chamber.
  2. Subsequent step – no matter if finely or loosely ground, you location the herbs inside the oven, creating confident not to overfill the chamber. At this point, you location the mouthpiece back on and proceed to the temperature settings.
  3. Pick the preferred temperature and the CFX will vibrate when it heats up.

All that is left is to take pleasure in your vapor.

It is advisable that you clean the vaporizer even though it is nonetheless slightly warm as leaving the device to cool down entirely ahead of cleaning can lead to much more intense scraping in order to get it spotless.

Speaking of cleaning, vaporizers must be cleaned consistently. The Boundless CFX is no exception – use the cleaning brush that comes in the set to take appropriate care of the device, preferably following each use.

BoundlessCFX standout options

With a heat-up time of roughly 20 seconds, speed is most certainly an essential standout function of the Boundless CFX.

Additionally, ease of use must also enter the list of standout options, as it could possibly be essential to people that are just receiving began in the vaping game.

Ultimately, the digital show featuring the temperature gauge and a session timer is a good touch.

Final verdict

The Boundless CFX is practical, quick and (somewhat) transportable.

Its capability to create big and potent clouds paired with quick heating and an outstanding battery tends to make the Boundless CFX a worthwhile investment for persons searching for an all-about high quality vaporizer, but are not prepared to splurge on a much more greater-finish device.


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