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Current Naturals Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Current Naturals Brand with three stars because it qualifies for the Mission, Safety & Quality Badges.

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Current Naturals: 60-Second Summary

In a world full of pretenders looking to make a quick buck off a hot trend, Current Naturals hopes to stand out as a company deeply rooted in its morals—and its commitment to creating a safe and consistent product. And, from the breadth of information it provides on its preferred farming practices, CBD oil extraction methods, and cannabidiol safety records, it seems the company does just that, earning our Big Three badges (Mission, Safety, and Quality) and proving that there is still such a thing as an honest business in this crazy age.


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Current Naturals Brand Review

Current Naturals certainly lives up to its name when it comes to market trends: The company says it wants to get into the world of cannabidiol, which it describes not only as a current hot topic but the way of the future.

Still, the company acknowledges that such booming popularity has a way of attracting those who’d wish to exploit a trend for a quick profit—a truth we know too well here at COR—and Current Naturals pledges that they peddle CBD oil, “not snake oil.”

To live up to this promise, the company is especially transparent, giving tons of space on their website to describe their proprietary cannabidiol extraction method and where and how the industrial hemp plants they use are farmed. (Current Naturals has even developed a proprietary strain of cannabidiol for their products.)

Third-party lab test results are also available to further ensure the company is selling CBD oil as safe as is advertised, and we’re impressed that each item in the large inventory has been tested recently and is free of heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants. CBD levels—and the absence of THC—also check out against Current Naturals’ claims.

Involved in that large inventory are a line of CBD oil tinctures—for both humans and pets—as well as CBD capsules and CBD topicals of varying strengths and sizes. Each item description page comes with a load of good information and advice on usage, as well as a list of ingredients. Though we are sad to report that, while we love all the other high-quality aspects of the products, a few ingredients we don’t typically like to see have made the cut, including ethylene oxide-treated polysorbates in the softgels and the chemical preservative Phenoxyethanol in their CBD body lotion.

All other products check out as all-natural, however, with prices ranging from $42 to $170.

Bottom line: Current Naturals promises that no tricks are used to whip up its CBD oil elixirs, and after peeping behind the curtain, it seems the company lives up to their word. Its hemp is sustainably sourced, its CBD oil is safely extracted, and all of its products check out under close inspection of up-to-date third-party lab results. Aside from the presence of a few red flag ingredients in a small handful of items, Current Naturals’ inventory turns out to be as current and natural as one would hope.

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Badges For Current Naturals

Current Naturals ReviewSafety Verified

Current Naturals has an up-to-date online database of third-party lab results for each of its product batches, which all test negative for heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants.

Current Naturals ReviewMission Verified

Current Naturals wants to stand out in the burgeoning cannabidiol market as a trustworthy and transparent retailer offering a safe and consistent product.

Current Naturals ReviewQuality Verified

Current Naturals utilizes the supercritical CO2 extraction method to obtain its CBD oil.



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Current Naturals

Current Naturals Review


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