Cbd dosage for muscle discomfort/joint discomfort/nerve discomfort : Marijuana


So my dads been possessing a lot of discomfort in his leg lately, I am not confident if it really is injured muscle tissues or joints or even nerve harm, perhaps old age also. He’s gonna see a physician quickly but I never want them prescribing him tablets or something like that and was asking yourself if cbd could possibly assist. Can you guys recommend what a excellent dosage would be, I was seeking to get him some cream to massage onto his leg but the most mg is 300 that I’ve discovered and I am not confident if that is adequate for any discomfort relief, I never have encounter or understanding on cbd other than folks use it for all forms of items ranging from ocd/anxiousness remedy as properly as discomfort management. Can you also give your personal experiences when it comes to making use of cbd for discomfort relief as properly, I want to be confident it’ll have at least a small impact on his leg as an alternative of discovering out later it does not function… I know this is a marijuana Reddit but please I’d significantly rather him use this than use these shitty prescription drugs they give to every person


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