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Doja is the business behind the Doja app and has constructed its neighborhood-forum-primarily based app with one particular target in thoughts: To assistance you “find cannabis solutions other individuals are speaking about”. An fascinating tagline that you can uncover on the Doja app web-site along with hyperlinks to get the app on the Google Play or Apple App retailer.

The majority of the content material on the app is neighborhood-primarily based, which means that any old John or Jane can place a critique on there, and it is reside for all to see. From the commence, reputability is in query for me. I do not know these folks, and the app does not give me a way to view these authors profiles so that I can get a much better thought of exactly where they get their facts.

To develop on that even extra, it is tough to uncover what you are seeking for to start with. It is got an Instagram scroll encounter that does not translate nicely for weed evaluations that appear like reddit thread posts with significantly less detail. I will say, even though, that legit plug has been posting a lot so if you do make a decision to confuse your self about what third-price cannabis solutions are out there and get this app, give them a comply with. Oh wait… you can not.

There’s a super valuable trending tab that shows you all of the hot solutions that folks have been reviewing lately. I took a appear at the Nuinstmber 1 trending solution: 50mg CBD Drops by Wally Drops, and located a Category: Edibles/Candy, and 50mg CBD in the “Product Details” section. Practically nothing else. This is kinda exactly where I fell off.

Doja Instagram

I gave it one particular extra shot even though and headed more than to their Instagram web page @thedojaapp. This location was Completely unique than any of the other experiences I had on the internet or even their flagship app. It is got a substantial list of solutions that have been tested for pesticides. They’ve got a LOT of stuff on there as nicely. 1 of which is the three pack of Backwoods Sweet Aromatic that apparently passes for possessing no pesticides.

I believed it was absolute bologna till I swiped appropriate and… BAM! test outcome screenshots from Belcosta Labs. I took a appear at the Lab web-site facts and from what I can inform, they’re fairly trusted. This is the similar encounter I got for a number of solutions like preferred Dank Vapes and Mario Carts concentrate cartridges that have been going sour lately. Each of which by the way has tested optimistic for pesticides.

If this boasts something for Doja it is that their Instagram is their robust point. Crucial security facts for you and I, with a trusted resource to back it up. Preserve it up Doja. I’ll maintain checking back in to see what other solutions they test simply because I do like to know if there are pesticides or other bits of nonsense in my cannabis.

Go ahead and verify out the Doja Instagram (@thedojaapp) and see what they’re posting. As for the web-site and app, possibly give it some time to create ahead of utilizing it for security suggestions and information.