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Recreational marijuana legalization reduces opioid deaths by 20%…at least. Mexico government is taking public input on how very best to legalize marijuana. Bernie Sanders says he would legalize marijuana by executive order. Outdoors Lands becomes 1st important music festival to enable marijuana sales.

Marijuana legalization is coming to Arizona. Initiative filed with Arizona Secretary of State for marijuana legalization on 2020 ballot. Arizona marijuana measure faces opposition from small business neighborhood, politicians. New Mexico governor’s marijuana legalization operating group schedules 1st hearing. Legalizing Florida marijuana is extended overdue.

Initially legal marijuana shop opens off Massachusetts mainland. Massachusetts municipalities seek clarifications on recreational marijuana legalization. Money is king for New Hampshire marijuana business as banks stay cautious. The very best responses from the Pennsylvania lieutenant governor’s weed survey.

A beginner’s guide to legal marijuana in Michigan. 3 Michigan communities say no to marijuana companies. Process force eyes flaws in Michigan‘s new recreational marijuana law. Michigan Atty Common eyes tweaks to recreational marijuana law. Illinois neighborhood colleges eye applications to train students for marijuana business. Will Illinois pot sales fuel prevention funding? Advocates worry not. Pot prohibition in Illinois will persist, even following it is legal. Illinois marijuana growers spent about $600,000 on political providing major to the pot legalization vote: here’s exactly where the dollars went.

Colorado governor says deliveries would deter stoned driving. Legal marijuana sold in Colorado is increasingly for recreational use. Oregon law limits sales of marijuana byproducts. Legal marijuana has made a black industry in Riverside County, California. Marijuana legalization and the California workplace. It is Minnesota‘s turn to legalize marijuana use. Wisconsin falling behind on legal marijuana laws. Did Ohio lawmakers accidentally legalize marijuana? Major law enforcers say yes.

Legal weed bill for New Jersey might be revived later this year.

Advocates want legalized cannabis boom to enable communities hurt when marijuana was illegal. Safeguard vulnerable groups from exposure to Major Marijuana. Credit unions will not be punished for operating with weed companies, federal regulator says.

Push to legalize pot cements partisan divisions in 2020 race. This is the most marijuana-friendly Congress in history. Important Congressional chairman sends marijuana e mail to NORML activists. Why the situation of marijuana legalization is not about having higher. Marijuana and agribusiness.

Teen pot use difficult to predict as legalization approaches. Major Alcohol is pouring billions into the drinkable marijuana industry. Just after marijuana legalization, the wait for retail sales is the national norm. Capitalization needs for marijuana companies are unjust and counterproductive. A US-primarily based cannabis firm could be active in as small as six months, says pot investor. Infusing marijuana with information: Cannabis business vets aim to clear the haze in a booming business. 4 takeaways from National Drug Use and Well being Survey on marijuana.

Legalising cannabis in the UK would fuel violent crime and turn a new generation into tough drug addicts, warn skeptics. UK offers verdict on Canada cannabis business.