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It is an virtually particular point that, anytime folks get started to get made use of to the thought of smoking marijuana regularly, they will at some point want to get started smoking stronger and stronger strains.

Right after all, as quickly as you get into any niche hobby, there is this wish to get into the significant leagues of marijuana smoking – right after all, you can only smoke the low-THC stuff for so lengthy, appropriate?

Nicely, there is 1 strain that is ideal for progressing up the ladder of marijuana experiences, and it is pretty conveniently named.

The Main League Bud strain, also identified as Willy’s Wonder, is a truly exciting strain with a complete variety of pleasant effects and delightful flavors.

So let’s take a appear at this oddly multi-named strain and learn just what it is that tends to make it so unique.

What is the Main League Bud Strain?

The Main League Bud strain of weed, which is also confusingly identified as Willy’s Wonder, is an indica-dominant hybrid with really powerful Afghan genetics it is generally deemed as 1 of the most potent and legendary strains in the globe.

The precise origins of this important strain are quite unclear, even though it is probably that it 1st reared its multi-colored head in the late 1970s. This strain has a reputation for becoming extremely uncomplicated to develop indoors, which is why it was propelled to such reputation, as numerous would-be marijuana customers have been forced to smoke only what they could develop in their personal properties.

The precise explanation for its strange naming duality is not pretty clear and is, in truth, 1 of the causes why it can be deemed to be fairly complicated to come across these days. Right after all, how are you meant to ask for a strain that you do not know the appropriate name for?

Alongside its ease of developing, Main League Bud rose to such prominence mainly because of its potent, indica-leaning effects that have been numerous marijuana smokers’ 1st experiences with indica strains.

On 1st smoking it, you can anticipate a sudden grip of intensity that appears to come out of nowhere, inducing this sort of euphoric, virtually thoughts-numbing sensation that is complicated to escape.

You can anticipate to really feel mildly unaware till you all of a sudden recognize just how blissfully content and nonplussed you are about almost everything.

This strain is quite common of powerful indicas in that it offers you that major, sudden rush of happiness and relaxation that causes you to come to be all of a sudden locked in spot, feeling at as soon as each calm and entirely relaxed, although nonetheless utterly incapable of obtaining off the sofa.

By far the most popular reaction to Main League Bud, (in particular for these inexperienced with larger THC concentrations and who may have accidentally taken as well a great deal for their 1st time) is intense sleepiness. Count on to have your head hit your pillow without having you even realizing it, leaving you with fuzzy memories of contentment and pleasure from the evening ahead of.

Even so, focusing just on the strain’s effects would be a disservice to such a pungent, flavorful strain, so let’s take a appear at how the Main League Bud strain in fact smells and tastes.


Like numerous potent strains with a larger than usual THC concentration, the major aroma on 1st obtaining close to the buds is 1 of intense citrus. You can anticipate it to smell like a freshly opened grapefruit, or probably even like a crushed lime, but the precise flavor combinations are quite indistinct, producing it complicated to pinpoint precisely which citrus fruit requires prominence.

You will also detect an herbaceous, flowery smell that will remind you of a garden in springtime – once more there will not be any particular flower or plant that you will be in a position to detect, rather smelling like a giant bushel of diverse flowers and wild herbs.

This smell only gets stronger as you crack open the bud, but its basic profile remains the similar.

So, how about its actual flavor on the tongue? How does the Main League Bud marijuana strain taste?


The inherent flavor of this strain is fairly equivalent to its initial aroma, providing up major bursts of citrus flavor followed by an undercurrent of flowers and fresh garden grass.

The flavor differs from its aroma in that the immediacy of herbs is a great deal extra upfront, as effectively as becoming a bit extra particular. You will probably detect notes of thyme, as effectively as sassafras and even a tiny bit of extra savory herbs like parsley.

The whole knowledge of tasting this strain is extremely exclusive, providing up a massive quantity of flavor in just a quick puff. Count on for this strain’s flavor to knock you more than virtually as a great deal as the initial punch of its effects.

What about its look?


The initial look of the Main League Bud is 1 of intensely colorful, deeply iridescent petals, all covered with a pleasant coating of trichomes that offers it its characteristic flavor and signature smell.

Other than that, having said that, the Main League Bud strain has a quite common look when compared to other marijuana strains. It does have a pretty attractive smattering of red and yellow hues to its leaves that virtually tends to make it appear like it is permanently lit by the setting sun, but other than that, it appears like any other strain of marijuana.

If you truly want to be in a position to inform it apart from other strains, having said that, you require to attempt and develop some your self, so what type of suggestions do you require to know to be in a position to develop your personal Main League Bud?

Main League Bud Strain Develop Information

Main League Bud is an odd strain in that it was grown especially to be only grown inside, seemingly so as to help these attempting to develop weed surreptitiously in their sheds or cupboards.

So, if you want to be in a position to develop your personal Main League Bud, make positive you give it a lot of space indoors, as effectively as a decently strong heat lamp to aid motivate its lateral development.

Locating your personal Main League Bud seeds can be quite difficult, as it is generally spread about by direct clones these days – having said that, if you hold asking at your regional dispensary, you may be fortunate adequate to come across some.

This strain requires about ten weeks to total flowering and has an definitely magnificent yield, in particular contemplating it is grown indoors. Retain the plant in the appropriate situations and hold it effectively fed and you will probably be in a position to pull more than a kilo and a half per square meter of plant.

After you have ultimately harvested your crop and got it drying, what type of cannabinoid content material can you anticipate from the final solution?

THC Content material – Highest Test

Main League Bud cannabis is, as may be anticipated from its effects, a quite powerful strain that is packed with lots of THC.

Most samples of this strain will include about 21% THC content material, which is a lot adequate to give you a monumental higher that lasts for hours. This THC concentration is also helped by a substantial terpene load that assists boost the THC’s effectiveness and price of assimilation in your physique, making sure that you get a pleasantly lengthy higher no matter what you do.

And its CBD content material?   

CBD Content material – Highest Test

No matter how annoying it is to these that are hunting for a higher CBD content material in their bud, the truth remains that, in virtually just about every single case, when you have a strain of marijuana that has a higher THC concentration, you are also going to have virtually no CBD whatsoever.

Main League Bud is no diverse, with samples of the strain not displaying any extra than 1% CBD content material, but with most samples displaying significantly significantly less than that on typical.

Even so, just mainly because it does not have a great deal CBD does not imply that there is not also a myriad of valuable medicinal effects that Main League Bud can offer.

Health-related Advantages of the Main League Bud Strain

By far the most popular medicinal use of Main League Bud is its capability to aid combat problems arising from discomfort, in particular chronic and neurological discomfort. Thanks to the entirely mesmerizing, virtually knock-out intensity of its higher, most people’s discomfort will entirely melt away a quick although right after 1st smoking some Main League Bud.

This similar impact is also what assists combat tension and depression, as the feeling of serenity and relaxation is excellent for assisting push back these dark feelings and thoughts, rather of permitting you to revel in the pleasure of the moment.

Numerous folks use this strain basically as a tension reliever, as even only a tiny bit is wonderful for assisting make arduous days a great deal extra pleasant.

Furthermore, Main League Bud has a noticeable soporific impact that tends to knock you out right after a although, so it is an superb option for these that are getting it virtually not possible to reliably fall asleep.

Sadly, as is usually the case, when you get a suitably strong strain, you are also going to have to deal with a handful of unpleasant side effects.

Achievable Side Effects of the Main League Bud Strain

Unsurprisingly, the 1st side effects you are going to knowledge right after smoking a decent quantity of Main League Bud are usually going to be unpleasant, but not life-altering. That is appropriate, it is the common dry mouth and dry eyes.

Make positive you keep effectively hydrated to aid combat this, as effectively as not freaking out when it occurs, as it can occasionally take folks by surprise.

Right after that unfortunate dryness, you will probably also really feel a burst of dizziness, even though this will only truly take place to these that stand up shortly right after 1st smoking their Main League Bud.

If you want to stay clear of this, make positive you keep sat down for a although right after smoking this, as its fast intensity can occasionally result in that unfortunate head rush that leaves you feeling dizzy and disorientated.

Other than that, the only true side effects that Main League Bud can result in are regularly linked to its overuse, so if you are prone to painful headaches or feelings of paranoia, make positive you do not smoke as well a great deal at as soon as.

Final Thoughts on the Main League Bud Strain

The Main League Bud strain is an superb instance of a strain that appears created to spark confusion – it has, for some unknown explanation, two diverse names, although nonetheless becoming a portion of other crucial strains’ family members genetics.

It is created only to develop indoors, lacking that pronounced hardiness that tends to make it uncomplicated to develop outdoors that other Indicas possess.

Even so, regardless of its inherently disorientating qualities, it is a fundamentally excellent strain. It has an right away noticeable aroma and flavor, as effectively as an extremely iconic, normally Indica higher that leaves you chilled out, relaxed and, finest of all, completely content material with almost everything about you.

Main League Bud may not be the name it is finest identified as, but it is probably the most fitting name, as this strain is definitely in the significant leagues of all indica strains.

If you want a strong, relaxing and a tiny bit of a disorientating knowledge, then make positive to ask about and see if you can come across some of this potent, iconic strain.


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