Blue Dream Haze Marijuana Strain


The Blue Dream Haze marijuana strain has been dominant on the west coast for a lot of years. It is possesses a wonderful mixture of a flavorful scent, and a desirable taste. Created from an Indica Blueberry strain and the Sativa Super Silver Haze strain. It is not to be confused with Blue Dream or Blue Haze marijuana strains.

Blue Dream Haze is marijuana is a Sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is identified for obtaining an impressive extended-lasting higher.

The THC levels of Blue Dream Haze commonly variety involving 16% and 26%, which is above typical. If you are new to smoking, preserve that in thoughts, so you do not more than-consume. It unquestionably has the capacity to place you into a couch-locked state. Based on the breeder, you can also count on it to have CBD measuring in at two%.


Blue Dream comes from Blueberry and Super Silver Haze. If you have been reading about strains, possibilities are that you have noticed a lot of strains are made from Haze. Haze is an incredibly well known strain for breeding, due to its impressive effects and flavor profile. Let’s dive deeper into the parent strains beneath.


Blueberry was the winner of the Higher Occasions Cannabis Cup in 2000 for ‘Best Indica.’ It is revered in the marijuana neighborhood to this day, for getting 1 of the much better Indica strains. You can count on intense physique highs that place you into a relaxed state of bliss. The flavor profile is also one thing to create property about, as you are hit with tastes equivalent to a blueberry muffin.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is an 80/20 Sativa dominant hybrid strain. It won 1st location at the Higher Occasions Hydro cup in ’97, ’98 and ’99, generating it 1 of the most awarded marijuana strains, three years in a row. The higher from this strain is immediate and extended-lasting. Not matching its name whatsoever, this strain tastes like creamy peaches, and has an general fruity aroma.

Flavor, Aroma and Look

The flavor profile consists of blueberry, wood, earth, honey and skunk. Most of the critiques on Blue Dream Haze speak about getting shocked by the blueberry overload. Upon inhale, you will be met with blueberry, and on the way out, you will be met with the classic skunk and wood tastes, with an general creamy finish.

The aroma is equivalent in taste to Blue Dream. Count on a berry aroma, met with the classic marijuana smell. This is the variety of strain that is a small bit far more discrete than other people, as it smells like berries rather than straight-up marijuana.

The look of Blue Dream is fairly classic general, with densely packed bushy buds. It has shorter and bulkier stocks, with lots of green in the plant and bud.


Pleased, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, and inventive are the very first effects that come to thoughts with Blue Dream marijuana. If you are an individual who enjoys a nicely-balanced hybrid, Blue Dream could be the great strain for you.

Happiness is a widespread impact of hybrids and marijuana in basic. This is 1 of the principal motives that folks consume marijuana. Commonly when folks are working with marijuana, it is to elevate the way they’re feeling, and assistance them be on the vibrant side of the moon.

The relaxation comes from the Indica effects, and this is 1 of these uncommon strains that deliver relaxation without the need of generating you really feel tired or glued to your seat. The Sativa effects come in heavy, supplying the customer with bursts of power, although nonetheless providing a relaxed state of thoughts.

Euphoria is widespread amongst Sativas, and the truth that Blue Dream brings some heavy Sativa effects is the explanation why you locate it in this strain. This provides folks a carefree and content vibe, that has them prepared for the day. It can be employed as a wake and bake strain, as shouldn’t make customers tired.

If you are an individual who loves to be inventive, this could be a wonderful strain. It must leave you focused and prepared to take on the activity at hand, although providing you a inventive outlook on the subject.


Strain, depression, discomfort, headaches, and nausea are some of the motives why folks use this strain medicinally.

The good factor about hybrids is that they cover a wide wide variety of ailments, each mentally and physically. You get all of the positive aspects from Sativas and all of the positive aspects from Indicas in 1 marijuana strain. Commonly, Blue Dream Haze is employed by folks who endure from a wide variety of health-related disabilities, to assistance them chill.


These who perform extended hours in the workplace look to seriously love the Blue Dream Haze strain. It brings down pressure levels drastically, as nicely as supplying them with the power necessary to get tasks carried out.

Though marijuana commonly reduces pressure levels, this strain, in certain, is stated to drastically cut down them.


These who endure from depression can locate some significantly-necessary relief with Blue Dream. As talked about above, this strain is stated to deliver happiness for a lot of its customers, as nicely as supplying a sense of euphoria. This, oftentimes, can significantly cut down depression.

If you are an individual who has attempted pharmaceuticals to no avail, Blue Dream could be worth a attempt. This strain commonly does not lead to elevated levels of anxiousness, on the other hand, do not more than-consume with it, or it could trigger paranoia.

Mainly because this strain offers a nicely-balanced higher, it can normally lead to customers becoming far more productive. This commonly reduces levels of depression, as it can lead to folks getting far more thriving and achieved, which suggests they do not have to be concerned about a to-do list.


Nausea is one thing that marijuana basic assists with. Commonly, nicely-flavored strains are the greatest for dealing with nausea. This is due to the fact, when you are nauseated, you commonly do not want to consume something with a nasty smell.

Obtaining a superior flavor commonly assists folks consume marijuana, which then, in turn, can drastically cut down nausea levels.

Muscle Tightness

These who endure from muscle tightness, aches, pains, and strains can locate relief from the Blue Dream Haze marijuana strain. Because it provides the physique a fairly superior buzz, it leaves customers feeling good and tingly vs. painful and irritated.


Blue Dream is a wonderful strain for recreational use, as it permits folks to get out of their shells and mingle with other people. It turns up their chat meter, and assists words flow out conveniently.  It also has a wonderful taste, so it is superior for social gatherings in terms of sharing.

Persons use this strain just before undertaking activities such as hiking, walking, fishing, going to concerts, and so forth. If you are an individual who enjoys getting active and also enjoys marijuana, this could be a wonderful option, just do not do a higher dose, or you may well locate oneself sleeping amongst the wildflowers. Good for folks who love yoga, due to the fact it assists connect the physique and thoughts. Locations on the west coast are beginning to do marijuana yoga classes for these who seriously want to cleanse their chakras. It requires the complete expertise to a new level, and can assistance higher strung folks seriously get into the class. Persons who really like attending the spa in their no cost time, can use a bit of this to seriously attempt out a new variety of spa day. Massages can be felt in a complete new light, and it assists folks unwind sufficient to get the complete positive aspects of the massage, versus worrying about getting naked in a space with a stranger.


If expanding indoors, you can count on the greatest final results. This is a reasonably effortless strain to develop, supplied that you are taking correct care of it. If you are expanding indoors, be confident that you have the correct dimensions to develop it. Help to the limbs will be essential, as nicely as ample pruning. It becomes gigantic in height, and if you are not ready it can ruin the crop.

Expanding outdoors is rather tough, as it needs either a tropical, or Mediterranean climate.


When grown indoors, growers can count on involving 16 and 21 ounces per square meter.  It will be prepared for harvest in about 9-10 weeks.


When expanding outdoors, be confident you are in the appropriate climate. You must also count on your yield to be significantly smaller sized than if grown indoors. Flowering outdoors commonly requires about two months.

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The Blue Dream Haze marijuana strain is a treat for these who consume for health-related motives ,and also for these who consume for recreational use. With a wonderful flavor profile, and a nicely-balanced higher, Blue Dream has come to be a lot of customers go-to strain.

The principal factor to note with this strain, is that it brings wonderful Sativa effects, although at the similar time providing its customers a good and calming Indica impact as nicely, thanks to its genetics. Have you attempted the Blue Dream Haze strain? In the coming years, it will be intriguing to watch this strain continue to develop in recognition, as it is bred with other marijuana strains.


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