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A kind of cannabis extract, shatter is a really hard, translucent concentrate equivalent in texture and look to glass. Find out additional in our guide to shatter

One particular of the most wonderful and photogenic forms of marijuana goods on the market place suitable now is shatter, also colloquially known as shatter wax, shatter weed, or marijuana shatter. Hugely sought right after and generally Instagrammed, shatter burst onto the scene in a important way in the early 2010’s, providing cannabis shoppers a potent new way to vape their favored strains.

So what is shatter? Sector professionals define shatter as a sort of marijuana extract, made by extracting the plant’s  crucial oil, which consists of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and other chemical compounds discovered in the cannabis plant. The term shatter especially refers to a particular texture of translucent cannabis concentrate that breaks and shatters like glass.

What Are Cannabis Extracts?

Cannabis extracts are made by passing a solvent, such as butane, hexane, isopropyl, or CO2, via cured or fresh cannabis material that has been completely ground. This produces a thick, ordinarily gold or amber-colored cannabis oil complete of the plant’s active chemical compounds.

Subsequent, the solvent is purged from the shatter oil making use of heat and vacuum. The resulting cannabis concentrate is then processed into 1 of a quantity of prospective types, which includes wax, crumble, honeycomb, sap, budder, reside resin, and of course, shatter.

How to Use Shatter

Like other marijuana extracts, shatter is ordinarily vaporized or “dabbed” by shoppers from a vape pen or specially equipped water pipe known as a dab rig. With a potency ranging amongst 50-90 % cannabinoids by weight, marijuana extracts like shatter are a speedy, effective, smoke-cost-free way to consume cannabis.

To use shatter in a vape pen, you will want to be positive you have 1 that is especially made to be made use of with marijuana extracts like wax or shatter. These vapes have an atomizer (the vape’s heating element) that will swiftly heat, bringing your shatter to its vaporization point.

To vape shatter, you will add your shatter to your vape’s heating chamber, as you would equivalent marijuana extracts. As the atomizer heats your shatter, it will swiftly melt and turn to vapor, which you will then inhale from the vape’s mouthpiece.

Dabbing is the additional conventional way to use marijuana shatter. When dabbing, pieces of shatter are applied or “dabbed” onto a hot surface like a hot titanium or ceramic nail or quartz bucket. The shatter will swiftly vaporize upon get in touch with with the hot surface. As you dab your shatter onto the hot surface, you will inhale the vapor via the dab rig’s water chamber and into your lungs.

Pay a visit to our what is dabbing guide to discover additional about dabbing cannabis shatter, which includes our How To video.

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What Tends to make Shatter Distinctive?

For most sensible purposes, there is tiny distinction amongst shatter and other types of marijuana extract. They are consumed in the exact same methods and largely have the exact same potency variety. Most variations amongst cannabis extract forms then are cosmetic.

Shatter is an amber or gold colour and is transparent to some degree. The explanation shatter concentrate is semi-clear has to do with the molecules in the extracted cannabis oil. In shatter, these molecules are all stacked good and neat in straight rows, 1 on leading of the other. This molecular alignment makes it possible for light to pass via the marijuana extract and offers the shatter its glass-like properties.

Heat, moisture, and higher terpene content material can influence the texture and extraction, which could turn extracted oils into a runnier substance that resembles sap but retaining its translucent look.

Concentrates other than shatter and sap are whipped, stirred, or shaken at different occasions throughout the approach, agitating the person molecules in the mixture and causing their cloudy look. Shatter is not agitated which accounts for its translucency.

Nonetheless, as soon as the molecules in the cannabis oil are disrupted, ordinarily by whipping, stirring, or shaking the oil throughout processing, they kind irregular structures that are additional opaque and let significantly less light via. This is why the transparency of shatter vs wax is so diverse. When the oil is agitated, you get opaque wax or equivalent cannabis concentrates rather of the clear concentrates discovered as shatter.

So why is shatter known as shatter? Compared to other extracts, shatter is extremely really hard. When it breaks, it will generally crack and well… shatter when stress is applied to it. Specially on a cold day, shatter can crack violently, sending shards of shatter off in every single path. In that sense, shatter is extremely substantially like glass. This is even additional correct when shatter is in a thick slab.

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Advantages of Shatter

A principal advantage of dabbing shatter is that it provides an extremely speedy process for cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream, providing close to instantaneous effects. Due to the enhanced potency of cannabis extracts, customers are also capable to take on a “less is more” method in making use of their cannabis.

Dabbing shatter signifies you no longer will need to inhale big amounts of burning plant material to get the effects you want. That is a great issue. Rather than smoking complete joints and exposing your lungs to damaging chemical compounds in the smoke, shoppers can dab as soon as or twice to get their cannabinoids, inhaling only vapor – not smoke.

Shatter is also additional steady due to its molecular structure, so it will final longer just before degrading compared to wax and other equivalent extracts. Nonetheless, some customers uncover the really hard consistency tricky to break up and measure out into person utilizes. Attempt lightly heating your dabber just before making use of it to break off a dab from your shatter.

Find out Extra

Verify with your neighborhood marijuana dispensary for their choice of shatters and other cannabis extracts. You can also discover additional about cannabis extracts, dabbing, and substantially additional on our Cannabis 101 web page.


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