Thanks to Jake’s Law, optimistic alterations are underway for New Jersey’s health-related cannabis neighborhood.


In the final 18 months, New Jersey has added much more than 30,000 sufferers to its health-related marijuana plan. If you or somebody you enjoy is 1 of them, you are undoubtedly celebrating the current signing of Jake’s Law. 

Want a catch-up? Here’s the simple story:

As of 2010, NJ’s medicinal marijuana law has restricted sufferers to a two ounce month-to-month buying limit. (And FYI, for lots of sufferers with chronic discomfort to handle, two ounces does not reduce it.)  There have been other challenges as well, like the requirement of 4 doctor’s visits per year to preserve, a valid prescription and restricted access to in-state health-related marijuana providers.

This month, NJ Governor Phil Murphy signed a bill to expand medicinal marijuana laws for the state. These extended-overdue alterations present an optimistic outlook for these who rally across our nation for improved access to top quality cannabis.

A bit on Jake

Jake’s Law, as you could have guessed, was certainly named just after a health-related cannabis patient.  Jake Honig was a small boy from Howell, NJ, who started his 5-year battle with cancer at age two. To handle his discomfort, it was cannabis that brought him the ideal doable relief and contentment. Component way via every single month, after he’d exhausted his cannabis provide, oxycontin and morphine had to suffice. These have been significantly less-than-excellent substitutes, yielding undesirable side-effects for Jake, and a recurrent month-to-month struggle for the Honig household till it was time to flip the calendar.¹

Close to the finish of his life, members of our Curaleaf NJ group have been operating with the state to try to override the legal acquire limit in situations like his. Then, it just wasn’t doable. Although Jake passed away ahead of the restrictions have been lifted, his story inspired the advocacy that has led to today’s new reality: There is no longer a acquire limit of health-related cannabis for terminally ill sufferers. 

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But, that is not all. Other new implementations consist of:

  • The month-to-month patient acquire restrictions have been improved from two ounces to three ounces, with possibilities for additional increases just after 18 months, on a case-by-case basis.
  • Previously, a patient had to pay a visit to their physician each 90 days to preserve plan eligibility. As of July 18th, 2019, a doctor in the Healthcare Marijuana Plan will be in a position to authorize sufferers for up to 360 days. That is 1 pay a visit to per year as opposed to 4!

What else will adjust? 

With Jake’s Law, the following adjustments to NJ’s Healthcare Marijuana Plan will be rolled out, 1 by 1, more than the subsequent numerous months:

  • Access to much more health-related marijuana providers! As of now, there are only six. That quantity is anticipated to quadruple.
  • Care facilities (like hospice centers and nursing houses) will obtain the rights to acquire cannabis on behalf of qualifying sufferers.
  • Residence delivery will turn into an selection.
  • The six.625% sales tax on cannabis acquire will be fully removed by 2022.
  • Nurse practitioners and doctor assistants will be in a position to create health-related cannabis suggestions.

At Curaleaf, it is our mission to raise patient access to reasonably priced, top quality cannabis. We know cannabis has the energy to enhance lives, and we’re elated to see NJ’s cannabis law reform headed in this optimistic path. We’ll continue to update this hyperlink as alterations are implemented, so maintain it bookmarked to keep in the loop. 

There’s nevertheless a enormous quantity of function to be accomplished in terms of cannabis advocacy and accessibility, but Jake’s Law deserves 3 significant cheers in the name of progress!


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