Overpriced G Pen Gio Pods


This Cookies cartridge assessment is for the new G pods. The Cookies brand is effectively identified in California for its premium cannabis and not too long ago they released their really personal prefilled cartridges. The founder of Cookies is the bay location rapper Berner, his actual name is Gilbert Milam.

Sadly, there is a fake THC cartridge epidemic occurring in California and several other states. We break down the distinction among a genuine and fake Cookies cartridge in this assessment. 

The Cookies brand partnered up with the makers of the G pods – which are not identified for possessing the very best vaporizer items on the industry. In truth, they are effectively identified for promoting inferior vaporizers. This goes to show that Cookies should have gotten an impressive provide to group up with them. When it comes to cartridge companies you would have way much better solutions like CCELL or Ikrusher.

Cookies G Pod Critique four/five

This half of a gram Cookies pod cartridge expense $50!

The Gio pods prefilled with Cookies THC oil supplied me with a fast higher from only a couple of puffs. Hits had been smooth and supplied huge clouds, as a pod cartridge ought to. The higher was comparable to other premium effectively-identified cartridge brands such as Pure 1 and Brass Knuckles. The Gelato flavor from Cookies is sweet and the vapor is really smooth. The terpenes/oil ratio was fantastic. I found that the G pod vaped the THC oil fairly immediately, and inside two days it was fully out. Total energy compacity is 180 mAh and it charges totally in much less than an hour.

Cookies G Pod Price tag – Rating 1/five

I bought a half gram Cookies G pod from Eaze for $50.00 (just before tax and costs). This is not a low cost prefilled cartridge and I anticipate a premium solution for that value. To be truthful, this solution is not supplying something extra than other pod cartridges with distillate. I am not going to propose this Cookies pod for the existing value it is promoting at. We feel a value of $30.00 would be acceptable for a half gram.

G pen Battery Critique – Rating four/five

It is larger than the little size vape pens out there and it only charges $19.99 from the official GPen web-site. There, you will also uncover the Cookies edition Gpen batteries for the very same value. They have a blue and white version. I also located the G pen vaporizer for sale at $30 on Eaze.com. The G pen battery can sufficiently vape an whole half gram pod just before needing to be recharged. I propose sticking to the regular 510 connection cartridges for the Cookies brand which expense much less than the pods. 

Cookies Cartridge Critique General Rating three/five

I wasn’t delighted spending $50 for a half of a gram cartridge that only lasted two days. Confident it had a decent quantity of THC inside and the taste was superior, but it is overpriced without having any genuine justifications (apart from branding I guess…). I am a fan of their solution but not the value. I rather devote $50 for a half gram sauce cartridge from KGB Reserves or Friendly Farms. These two corporations provide complete spectrum THC oil that supplies a a lot extra intense higher compared to distillate and as a result these are worth the premium expense. 

Beware Of Fake Cookies Cartridges

Fake Cookies cartridges have been spotted all about the states. At the moment there are 510 connection cartridge solutions for Cookies obtainable. Presently, these only come in a half gram selection. Make certain to stay away from complete gram Cookies cartridges due to the fact they are not genuine. We have some terrific examples of some counterfeit cookie carts under. We encourage checking out the official Cookies Weedmaps web page to make certain that you are purchasing from a reputable dispensary or delivery service. I propose checking out Dr. Zodiak cartridges that expense the very same for a complete gram of distillate. Also, if you want to get extra data about fake cartridges, make certain to study our post about it.

fake cookies cart

Appears genuine and superior but there are no complete gram Cookies cartridges.

fake cookies cartridge

Counterfeit Cookies cartridge, Runts ought to be Runtz, and there are no complete gram Cookies carts.


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