Marijuana Policy Reform Advocates to Bike Across Iowa throughout RAGBRAI


DES MOINES, Iowa — Don Murphy, director of federal policies and conservative outreach for the Marijuana Policy Project, will be riding throughout Register’s Annual Terrific Bicycle Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) to share MPP’s strategy for ending federal cannabis prohibition. Cycling extra than 420 miles from the Missouri River to the Mississippi, Murphy will be wearing a jersey which reads, “End the REEFER MADNESS, Ask Me How.” He will be joined by Howard Wooldridge, a co-founder of LEAP, Law Enforcement Action Partnership, who will be wearing a jersey which reads, “COPS say Legalize POT, Ask Me Why.” Each Murphy and Wooldridge will be participating in RAGBRAI for the 1st time.

WHEN: Saturday, July 20 via Saturday, July 27

Exactly where: Council Bluffs, IA to Keokuk, IA

“Iowa is ground zero for ending the drug war,” Murphy says, “because it is the only state with two majority members on the Senate Judiciary Committee (Senators Grassley and Ernst). This offers Iowa voters the greatest part in supporting criminal justice bills in Congress.”

“No drug policy reform occurs in Washington with out the help of Senators Grassley and Ernst,” says Wooldridge. “Any help by voters back dwelling will be magnified exponentially on Capitol Hill,” he added.

Each riders will be encouraging Iowans to get in touch with their senators and ask them to help the STATES Act, Senate Bill 1028 (the Strengthen the Tenth Amendment Via Entrusting States Act), and respectfully share their individual stories or these of loved ones who benefited from health-related marijuana or whose lives have been ruined by the more than-zealous enforcement of our country’s failed war on drugs.

Furthermore, they are encouraging voters in the Iowa Caucuses to inform candidates to make ending federal prohibition a priority. “Caucus voters can have a quite loud voice when it comes to altering federal drug policy,” stated Murphy. “We encourage them to use it,” added Wooldridge.


Don Murphy is a former member of the Maryland Basic Assembly (1995-2003). He was the original sponsor of Maryland’s 1st health-related marijuana bill in 2000. He is a former regional GOP celebration chair and delegate to the 2000, 2008, and 2016 RNC Conventions.

Howard Wooldridge is a retired police officer and detective from Lansing, Michigan (1976-1994). He has also ridden a bike and a horse across the nation on two separate occasions to advocate for drug policy reform.

The Marijuana Policy Project is the nation’s biggest cannabis policy organization. It has been a top advocate for federal cannabis policy reform due to the fact its founding in 1995, and it has played a top part in most significant state-level reforms that have occurred more than the previous two decades. For extra data, stop by


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