How to Make Avocado &amp Hemp Seed Soap

On this episode of Pantry Soap Producing with Soap college, we find out How To Make Avocado & Hemp Seed Soap utilizing the cold approach soap process. Come and join us as we created it. We would like to hear if you get the opportunity to make this your self. It has a fresh herbal aroma and offers a beautiful lather.


250g Crisco / Crisp n dry or Trex cooking oils
150g Coconut oil
100g Olive Oil
50g Fresh Avocado – pureed
72g Sodium Hydroxide (Lye)
110g Water
5g to 10g Hemp Seeds
10g Rosemary Vital oil (Optional)

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*Disclaimer – Please do not try if you do not currently know how to make soap – this data assumes you currently have the prior overall health & security understanding and expertise essential*

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