Federal Agents Query Missouri Officials More than Healthcare Marijuana Plan


A trio of best officials overseeing the fledgling health-related cannabis plan in Missouri have been topic to questioning by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Kansas City Star reported Wednesday that the 3 officials, all members of Republican Gov. Mike Parson’s administration, described the interviews, which took spot more than the final quite a few months, as “not investigative in nature,” but rather “routine meet-and-greets the FBI requested to get to know the people today in charge of the new — and potentially profitable — business.”

Missouri voters authorized Amendment two final November to legalize health-related marijuana by a enormous 66%-34% margin, joining a lot more than 30 other states that have legalized the remedy. Beneath the new law, physicians can prescribe cannabis to individuals suffering from 10 distinct health-related situations, which incorporate cancer, epilepsy and glaucoma, amongst other debilitating illnesses. Missouri’s Division of Overall health and Senior Solutions (DHSS) started accepting applications for such prescriptions late final month. Qualifying individuals will obtain an identification card, which will allow them to acquire up to 4 ounces of marijuana per month.

While the interviews among the FBI and the Missouri officials have been routine in nature, they do underscore the one of a kind status of marijuana in the nation. Even though cannabis remains illegal on the federal level, a raft of states and cities continue to implement measures permitting for recreational or medicinal use, if not each.

Lyndall Fraker, who was appointed by Parsons to oversee the plan earlier this year, told the Kansas City Star that it was a “a incredibly friendly, casual conversation” with the FBI that didn’t delve substantially into specifics.

“Just (to) get to know every other and who they have been going to be functioning with potentially down the road in this new business that is now legal that is been illegal, and nevertheless portion of it is illegal,” Fraker stated. 

Fraker was interviewed alongside Randall Williams, the director of the Missouri Division of Overall health and Senior Solutions, who stated that the FBI agents told them that health-related marijuana applications “can involve substantial sums of cash, and when there are substantial sums of cash we have a tendency to spend consideration.”

Williams added that the FBI seemed receptive to Missouri’s vetting method, which will make sure that the third-celebration corporation reviewing applications will not see the names of applicants, a method developed to avoid corruption.

“I believe that gave them wonderful comfort, as it does us,” Williams told the Kansas City Star. “I do not want to speak for them, but I believe that was reassuring.”

Pot remains illegal in Missouri, although the state legislature authorized a bill in 2014 to decriminalize marijuana possession. The bill, which became law right after former Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon permitted it to take impact with no his signature, eliminates the possibility of incarceration for these busted with up to 10 grams. The measure also relaxed penalties for sale and cultivation of marijuana.


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