How the &quotAyahuasca Diet regime&quot Can Maximize Your Psychedelic Knowledge


Ayahuasca, normally referred to as the “vine of the soul,” is a highly effective psychedelic plant brew hailing from the Amazon rainforest. Getting reached mainstream recognition in current years thanks to documentaries, music, and books, this medicine has gained fame for its prospective to deeply heal and drastically increase the lives of these who consciously perform with it.

But the healing course of action is not simple — and the ayahuasca expertise can mirror that. From relishing in pure ecstasy to traversing hellish landscapes, getting horrific visions (not to mention bouts of sweating and vomiting), the aya journey is deep and profound. That is why it is significant to prepare. Given that ayahuasca interacts with current meals and drink stored in the physique, as effectively as thoughts and unresolved traumas floating in the thoughts, anything you consume prior to sipping the ancient brew has the prospective to influence your expertise —&nbspfor improved or worse.&nbsp

Just about every year, a lot of persons in search of a transformative expertise with ayahuasca obtain themselves disappointed following discovering that unhealthy diet plan, thoughtless drug use, and adverse believed patterns can avert you from diving deep and breaking by way of to metamorphosis.&nbsp

If your physique has a continuous flow of processed meat and dairy, higher levels of salt and sugar, or drugs, the brew will devote time forcing it to come up and out. In other words, you will purge. But there are items you can do to mitigate the possibilities of getting an uncomfortable expertise. Following the ayahuasca diet plan is 1 of them, and arguably the finest suggestions to get the most out of your expertise which extends even following the effects of the vine have faded.&nbsp

The regimen consists of foods, drinks, and behaviors to stay away from ahead of and following functioning with aya. And even if you are not seeking to embark on a lengthy, deep psychedelic journey into the depths of your thoughts and faraway realms, this diet plan prep also performs for other psychedelic plant medicine experiences. That stated, think about this your go-to guide to having the most out of your subsequent ayahuasca ceremony.

What You Can Consume and Drink

A lot of the information on the ayahuasca diet plan tends to exclusively concentrate on the foods and drinks persons must stay away from, leaving several questioning what they are permitted to consume. So, if you are meal prepping or heading out to consume and questioning what to order, the following things are staples in an ayahuasca-friendly regimen:

– Fruit
– Vegetables
– Grains
– Legumes
– Plantains
– Yucca
– Potatoes
– Rice
– Quinoa
– Oats
– Pastas
– Chicken
– Fresh fish
– Eggs
– Water
– Herbal tea

As you can see, the ayahuasca diet plan is a bit plain. In reality, it is entirely void of some components several Westerners think about to be of utmost significance when cooking a tasty meal, like oil, salt and pepper, pork and red meat, and dairy merchandise.

Though this menu might not appear thrilling, these foods and drinks are packed to the brim with nutrition. They’re totally satiating, and most importantly, they’re not entirely flavorless — when you get applied to them, of course. In reality, you are probably to obtain that your taste buds alter (a course of action identified as neuro-adaptation) shortly following you replace the far more pungent things in your diet plan with these listed above.

What ever you decide on to consume when following the ayahuasca diet plan, make positive that you stick to basic recipes, featuring organic and organic components as a great deal as doable. It is significant to minimize the use of spices and remove all stimulants — such as caffeine, supplements, or drugs — completely.


What You Can not Consume and Drink

There are a number of foods and drinks that aya-voyagers must refrain from consuming prior to functioning with the sacred vine. Just after experimenting with a variety of diets more than the course of generations, indigenous shamans have settled on the following list of things that must be avoided — at minimum — 3 to 5 days prior to a ceremony. Cutting these things out of your diet plan a handful of weeks ahead of consuming the brew is excellent, even so.&nbsp

Oil and fried foods
– Spicy foods
– Excessive salt or pepper
– Fermented foods (miso, tempeh, sauerkraut, soy sauce)
– Pork and red meat
– Smoked or aged fish
– Animal fats
– Non-fresh (canned or packaged) meat and fish merchandise
– Dairy merchandise
– Overripe fruits
– Citrus
– Raw nuts
– Coffee and caffeinated tea
– Carbonated drinks (like sodas, power drinks, and non-alcoholic beer)
– Frozen or icy cold foods and drinks
– Chocolate
– Processed sweets and refined sugar
– Aspartame
– Liquid and/or dry protein extracts
– Brewer’s yeast or yeast-primarily based supplements

Of the things on this list, you must particularly stay away from foods containing an amino acid known as tyramine. These foods include things like aged cheeses, pickled or fermented foods, alcoholic beverages, and meats that have been smoked, cured, or processed. Tyramine can enhance your blood stress and heart price, and considering the fact that ayahuasca currently triggers these effects, combining it with foods containing tyramine can outcome in a wide variety of potentially life-threatening problems, like strokes, heart attacks, headaches, serious anxiousness, and kidney complications.

Though the diet plan sounds stringent, stay away from becoming neurotic about the diet plan. It does not have to have to be followed completely — just do your finest and consume and drink as clean as doable. If you do consume disallowed foods or drinks, it is not the finish of the globe. And it does not necessarily imply that you are going to have a tricky ceremony.&nbsp


Substantial Contraindications: Other Drugs and Drugs to Stay clear of

Although the meals and drinks you consume prior to an ayahuasca ceremony will have a substantial influence on the all round top quality of your expertise, other drugs also contribute in a major way — even popular beverages and medical professional-prescribed drugs.

In the days and weeks top up to functioning with ayahuasca, it is finest to stay away from the use of other drugs and drugs, like (but not restricted to):

– Caffeine
– Alcohol
– Street drugs (cocaine, heroin)
– Psychedelics (cannabis, psilocybin, LSD, MDMA)
– Barbiturates
– SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) drugs
– Amphetamines
– Antihypertensives (higher blood stress medicine)
– Appetite suppressants (diet plan tablets)
– Sleep drugs
– Medicine for asthma, bronchitis, or other breathing complications
– Antihistamines (medicines for colds, sinus complications, hay fever, or allergies)
– CNS (central nervous method) depressants
– Alpha- and beta-blockers
– Contraceptives
– Antipsychotics

And that is not all. There are other plant medicines that must be avoided, like:

– St. John’s Wort
– Kratom
– Kava
– Ephedra
– Ginseng
– Yohimbe
– Sinicuichi

Combining any of these drugs or plant medicines with ayahuasca can outcome in an uncomfortable and difficult expertise. Mixing drugs with aya can also lead to severe overall health issues, so it is finest to keep away from them top up to a ceremony. It is significant to note, even so, that the ayahuasca ceremony is not for everybody.&nbsp

If the state of your overall health depends on any of the above drugs, we do not advise going off these medicines. We do, even so, recommend you speak to a healthcare qualified prior to functioning with aya.


Additional Restrictions: Behaviors, Private Hygiene Solutions, and Feminine Situations

The ayahuasca diet plan does not only include things like items you place in your physique. There are also specific behaviors to skip, hygienic things to set aside for a bit, and a couple items that ladies have to have to be particularly conscious of in the course of the weeks top up to any prospective ayahuasca ceremony.

It is advised to abstain from sexual activities of any type, like kissing and masturbation, for at least a handful of days prior to consuming ayahuasca. Ideally the longer you can stay away from sexual activity, the improved. The explanation is due to the fact sex is a enormous exchange of power. And at times sex can drain you, which, in turn, can potentially get in the way of ayahuasca’s capability to perform proficiently.

Preparing your thoughts for an ayahuasca ceremony is also of utmost significance. Consuming violent or disturbing content material in the time top up to functioning with this plant medicine can make your all round expertise significantly far more tricky, so it is finest to stay away from all types of mass media, like tv, films, and radio for at least 1 week ahead of a ceremony. Reduce out any jarring music, intense reading components, or motion pictures. Shut off the news and stay away from social media or locations and platforms you are probably to encounter conflict and negativity. This is amongst the hardest items to do, thinking about the globe in which we reside thrives on scrolling and zombie-ing out in front of the tube.&nbsp

Rather of having lost in media, use the week top up to the ceremony to break these habits. Function on calming your thoughts, and set intentions for the upcoming expertise. Study self-aid books, devote time meditating, or practicing yoga, and reflect on your previous and what you’d like to get out of your ayahuasca expertise by journaling. The aim is to fuel your thoughts with constructive thoughts rather than adverse ones. And when it does take some perform, it will spend off in spades in the course of your ceremony.

Do not use synthetic soaps, perfumes, or toiletries, which might include components that do not mix effectively with ayahuasca. Harsh chemical compounds identified in these merchandise can outcome in vomiting, excessive sweating, and, in some uncommon circumstances, bouts of diarrhea — so it is finest to stay away from them for a handful of days prior to your initial ceremony. You can replace them with versions that include organic and organic components, which will interact a great deal improved with the medicine and avert unnecessary purging.

Girls who are menstruating on the day of an ayahuasca ceremony must inform their shaman or ceremony facilitators, who will assess the predicament. It is doable they’ll ask a lady on her cycle to sit out for 1 or far more ceremonies till menstruation has passed.


How Extended to Observe the Ayahuasca Diet regime

A lot of shamans and retreat centers request their customers observe the ayahuasca diet plan for a minimum quantity of time, which can variety from just a handful of days up to a handful of weeks ahead of the initial ayahuasca ceremony. Given that ayahuasca continues to perform on the physique and thoughts lengthy following it is consumed (some say for a number of months), you must also continue following the diet plan for at least a handful of days or weeks following your ceremonies are behind you.

The longer you stick to the ayahuasca diet plan ahead of and following functioning with ayahuasca, the deeper you will go in your journeys and the far more proficiently profound your expertise will be. Complying with the ayahuasca diet plan as closely as you can all through your day-to-day will not just make your experiences with aya improved — it is probably to increase your daily life, as effectively.

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