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Floyds of Leadville Review

  • Floyds of Leadville Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Floyds of Leadville Brand with three stars because it qualifies for the Safety, Mission & Quality Badges.

Floyds of Leadville: 60-Second Summary

The potential for pain is everywhere in this world, for everyone from professional athletes to desk jockeys. And unfortunately, the opportunity to ease that pain with potentially habit-forming opioids also seems to be everywhere. Floyds of Leadville wants to help break that chain by offering an all-natural line of cannabidiol products to soothe aches both emotional and physical. Inspired by the experiences of founder Floyd Landis himself, the company does well to honor its mission with a raft of quality and tested items.


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Floyds of Leadville Brand Review

Floyds of Leadville is the namesake corporation of Floyd Landis, a former professional cyclist with no shortage of pain—or pain management—experience in his background.

Aches and strains are par for the course in the world of professional athletics, but it was a particular incident—a crash at 35mph—that set Landis on his journey to cannabidiol. When a broken hip and several serious and painful surgeries resulted from the crash, Landis originally turned to powerful opiates to deal with the agonizing aftermath.

The move not only led to his disqualification from the 2006 Tour de France, a milestone accomplishment he had previously won in his career, but sent him down a spiral of depression, dealing with the simultaneous physical hurt of his injuries and increasing emotional turmoil from no longer being able to compete in his sport.

Thankfully, the Colorado resident was introduced to CBD oil, which helped him kick his opioid habit and, in Landis’ words, feel truly pain-free, and, for the first time in a long time, happy.

With Floyds of Leadville, Landis is now on a mission to spread those same benefits to the masses. (As he points out, it’s far from just professional athletes who deal with pain and depression.)

To do so, the company has put together an expansive inventory of CBD oil products, including a number of cannabidiol skin balms and creams and CBD gummies and powder mixes, as well as CBD oil tinctures and softgels, available in both the full-spectrum and isolate variety.

The cannabidiol oil used by the company passes our safety badge muster, with Certificates of Analysis available for all products—verifying both the “isolate” and “full-spectrum” nature of the variety of CBD oils used as well as the absence of residual solvents and microbial contaminants in the products.

We love that the wide range of CBD gummies are vegan-friendly and free of questionable food dyes; that the ingredients in the cannabidiol powder mixtures—of both the isolate and full-spectrum varieties—are all safe for consumption; and that even the CBD oil skin balms and lotions are all-natural—an accomplishment we always applaud! (We will note that the CBD oil softgels, however, are non-vegetarian.)

Prices range from $25 for the least-potent skin balm formula to $165 for the largest bottle of full-spectrum softgels. Several “kits” of products are also available.

Bottom line:  Floyds of Leadtown wants to promote the same natural ingredients that helped Floyd himself kick a potentially lethal addition and naturally feel pain-free and happy. And the company does that mission proud with a wide-ranging batch of quality and safe CBD oil products. Ride on!

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Badges For Floyds of Leadville

Floyds of Leadville ReviewSafety Verified

Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) for each product the company sells are available on the website, proving the lack of residual solvents and microbial contaminants. We will note, however, that in a few cases, the level of THC superseded the 0.3mg limit.

Floyds of Leadville ReviewMission Verified

Floyds is a big believer in the benefits of cannabidiol to help ease pain, naturally. The company hopes to offer an organic alternative to opioids and other potentially addictive pharmaceutical substances for those in need of pain management options.

Floyds of Leadville ReviewQuality Verified

Floyds sources its altitude-grown hemp from Colorado and uses the environmentally and biologically safer CO2 extraction method to derive its CBD oil.



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Floyds of Leadville

Floyds of Leadville Review


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