Aged Marijuana: Is There a Cannabis Equivalent to Barrel-Aged Beer?


Dear Stoner: What is the weed version of barrel aging? I really like a great aged beer, and wanted to locate an equivalent in cannabis.

Dear David: Barrel aging is normally performed to add new flavors, enhance alcohol content material and, in some situations, even ferment sours and wild ales as yeast and bacteria convert sugar into alcohol. In the cannabis planet, the closest point to that would be curing — but as opposed to booze, curing is performed to attain par, not go previous it.

Curing must be performed to cannabis flower immediately after the initial drying course of action, which requires anyplace from 5 days to two weeks. Following that, growers who worth their reputations will remedy the flower, or spot it in resealable containers and burp them to release moisture more than the subsequent quite a few weeks. The greater you are at curing, the much more the cannabis will retain terpenes as it additional flushes itself of excessive nutrients, giving a smoother smoke. Appropriate curing also guarantees much more favorable cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, as drying buds as well promptly will finish biosynthesis and decrease the strain’s potency prospective.

Once again, all growers must be carrying out this to the finest of their skills, and not present it as one thing specific, like barrel aging. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t inform you about moon rocks: Also identified as caviar, moon rocks are buds that have been doused in hash oil, then rolled about in kief. These tiny space nuggets may well be the stiff equivalent of that barrel-aged stout you are hunting for.

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