Yocan Dab Pens: Best for Novices and Experts


Dab pens have become more sophisticated.

Dab pens have been one of the most popular forms of vaping devices we’ve seen this past decade. They’ve evolved from what once was a simple alternative to dab rigs to what is now a consumption platform on its own. They’ve reached a level of popularity and approval that they’ve become a mainstream mode of concentrate use.

Here’s a quick back story on dab pens.

Before dab pens became popular, cannabis concentrate consumers have always looked to dab rigs for the definitive vaping experience. Dab rigs were good but if you’re a noob, you needed help from an experienced enthusiast to help you with setting up a rig – as well as operating one. It was a rewarding contraption that required a little bit of skill and know how. Back then, there were no instructional videos or how-to articles to help novices get started. Dab rigs were often seen as a daunting task that often caused those wanting to partake to shy away from consuming concentrates. Dabbing with a rig required a few steps that involved the use of a blow torch to heat up the nails so the concentrates will melt to a certain degree that the active ingredients are extracted into the vapor. Furthermore, if you want to own a dab rig, you’d want to save just enough cash since some of the top-shelf rigs don’t come cheap. For the uninitiated, dabbing is simply just too much work… And then came dab pens.


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