What Are You Smoking Episode 79: Mr. Sherbinski


What Are You Smoking? is hosted by a rotating cast of Leafly’s cannabis experts—Will Hyde, Bailey Rahn, Emily Resling, and Dante Jordan. Tune in every single Wednesday to hear activists, entrepreneurs, farmers, processors, and figures from from all corners of the cannabis globe weigh in on the newest developments in the business, what’s coming subsequent, and of course, what new strains and items they’re enjoying these days.

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What Are You Smoking Episode 79: Mr. Sherbinski

1 of the premiere cannabis breeders and growers of the contemporary era, Mr. Sherbinski joins us on the show. The man behind hit strains like Gelato and Sunset Sherbert sits with Will and Dante to speak about the journey from a Bay Location garage to the shelves of Barneys in Beverly Hills.

Hear all about how Sherb got his begin in cannabis, what comes subsequent for the Sherbinskis brand, and of course, what he’s smoking lately.

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