Sour Diesel is a strain with fairly a following.

Sour Diesel has been motivating and healing individuals given that the 1990s when it is believed to have been crossed with Super Skunk and Chemdawg.

The cerebral impact is attractive to individuals and normally preferred for daytime use. Following consuming Sour Diesel in the course of the morning and day, make use of an indica in the evening and ahead of bed.

Sufferers with chronic discomfort normally have depression and anxiousness as a outcome of the physical limitations. Likewise, depression can usually trigger chronic discomfort. Also, when a patient is using pharmaceuticals to treat these circumstances, the side effects of these medicines can be debilitating. Sour Diesel delivers lengthy-lasting relief, but in contrast to an indica, it will not induce total relaxation and complete-physique mellow.

Aromas: Diesel, pungent, thick, hints of lemon

Flavors: Diesel, sweet,

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