Sunny Portugal Now Path to EU Healthcare Marijuana


For years, the Portuguese city of Cantanhede has been recognized for its wine solutions and roasted suckling pig, a neighborhood specialty. But the city has a thing new: Portugal’s 1st healthcare cannabis production farm.

The cannabis plant produces cannabinoids – chemical compounds employed in treating well being problems. Components of the plant are employed to make the drug marijuana as properly as a quantity of solutions containing the compounds CBD and THC.

Portugal’s sunny climate is best for developing cannabis. The climate caught the interest of Brendan Kennedy. He is Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian firm Tilray, a single of the world’s biggest producers of healthcare cannabis.

Kennedy traveled about Europe from 2015 to 2017 in search of the excellent location for Tilray’s newest production facility. Not only did Portugal have the best climate, but Kennedy also liked the country’s agricultural market and young, educated workforce.

A worker checks cannabis plants inside the Tilray factory hothouse in Cantanhede, Portugal April 24, 2019.

Infarmed is the Portuguese government agency on medicines and well being solutions. In 2017, the agency authorized Tilray’s request to begin a healthcare cannabis farm, which covers two.four hectares in a biotechnology park outdoors Cantanhede.

Tilray then hurried to import its 1st child plants and lately reported its 1st two productive cannabis harvests.

Kennedy opened the facility to guests for the 1st time at a ceremony final week.

“Some of our competitors are positioned in Denmark and northern Germany, exactly where there is not that significantly sun. So we consider we can create a additional environmentally-friendly solution right here,” he told Reuters news agency.

By possessing the farm in Portugal, Tilray’s solutions are tax-absolutely free inside the European Union, or EU. That is the marketplace the firm is targeting as other EU governments legalize healthcare marijuana.

On legalization

Kennedy noted that Europe is moving toward legalization, and the demand for healthcare marijuana is developing. He is hopeful that, more than the subsequent two years, “We will see each nation in Europe legalizing it.”

Final year, Portugal’s parliament authorized a bill to legalize marijuana-primarily based medicines. The move followed the legalization of such drugs in nations like Italy, Germany, Canada and components of the United States. Britain created healthcare marijuana legal in July 2018.

At the $22.29 million Tilray facility, cannabis is grown indoors and outdoors. The facility also has investigation laboratories and processing and delivery centers for healthcare marijuana and solutions created from cannabinoids.

Tilray supplies healthcare cannabis solutions with the compounds CBD and THC to sufferers in several nations. It also supplies these solutions by way of agreements with pharmaceutical businesses.

Earlier this year, the European Parliament demanded an EU-wide policy on healthcare cannabis and financing for scientific investigation.

“We are at point exactly where nearly each medical doctor about the planet recognizes “the healthcare worth of cannabis, Kennedy explained.

The Globe Wellness Organization has stated that numerous research showed cannabinoids can assist sufferers with cancer and AIDS.

In addition, some drug makers currently use chemical compounds from cannabis. 1 of them is GW Pharmaceuticals’ Sativex, which is authorized for treating symptoms from the illness various sclerosis.

Primarily based on information and facts from advisory service Prohibition Partners, the EU cannabis marketplace will be worth 123 billion euros by the year 2028.

I’m Alice Bryant.

Catarina Demony and Rafael Marchante reported this story for Reuters news agency. Alice Bryant adapted it for VOA Finding out English. George Develop was the editor.


Words in This Story

compoundn. a substance produced when the atoms of two or additional chemical components join collectively

facilityn. a thing (such as a developing) that is constructed for a certain objective

biotechnology parkn. a facility produced primarily to market a group of smaller and medium biotech corporations

findv. to place (a thing or an individual) in a distinct location

deliveryn. the act of taking a thing to a individual or location

pharmaceuticaladj. of or relating to the production and sale of drugs and medicine

symptomn. a adjust in the physique or thoughts which indicates that a illness is present


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