Cannabis and its effects on the Human Memory


How does cannabis have an effect on human memory? This is a query that has raised by lots of more than time. Research and investigation have been accomplished hunting into the answers of this query.

So what does science say about this query?

Memory is our capacity to save understanding and info and be capable to access it for use later. Commonly, it is divided into 3 regions of cognitive memory

  • Brief-term memory – It can be understood as the capacity to hold or save info in an active state for a quick period of time typically for about 30 seconds or so. 
  • Extended-term memory – Is the capacity to save and bear in mind understanding or info in a additional permanent way. It can be additional divided into distinct categories such as implicit memory, autobiographical memory and which includes explicit memory. Brief-term memory can be moved to lengthy-term memory in two techniques which are consideration and emotion.
  • Sensory memory – Holds info inside seconds for human senses such as sound, sight, smell, taste, touch to allow brain processing.

Now let get back to our query how does cannabis have an effect on human memory?

Science indicates that cannabis impacts each sensory, quick-term and lengthy-term memory. When a single smokes cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other chemical substances enter the bloodstream and is transported to the brain.

When these elements in THCV get into the brain, they impair memory function. This takes place by activating the endocannabinoid method. After in the brain, these chemical substances have surprising effects on memory function by activating the endocannabinoid method. The endocannabinoid method is brain components that are connected with memory.

For instance, The highest concentration of CB1 receptors, which respond to tetrahydrocannabinol, is located in a structure in the brain identified as the hippocampus that is accountable for managing memory response.

It is believed that endocannabinoid method help for destroying memories, enabling persons to overlook unfavorable memories and experiences.

Brief-Term Effects

THCV has an quick impact which is typically short-term in your memory.

Typically customers knowledge impairment in their quick-term memory, and inability to type new lengthy-term memories. Nevertheless, the customers will nonetheless be capable to recall current memories. Implying that Cannabis does not make you overlook what you currently knew.

As effectively we can say that the effects of marijuana on lengthy-term memory are only restricted to the creation of new memories. In addition to that, the impairments disappear after a particular person becomes sobers.

Extended-Term Effects

Extended-term cannabis customers indicate worse outcomes compared to these who under no circumstances smoked on tests of verbal memory and operating memory. The outcomes stay the some even when the customers have not smoked at the time of a test.

Placing that into consideration, it can conclude that frequent cannabis customers have a challenge with holding info and recalling verbal info (words). Nevertheless, the research are not clear no matter whether this effects are permanent or disappear when a single stops making use of marijuana more than a lengthy period of time.

The researcher has also shown that former heavy cannabis smokers indicate no memory impairments, compared to impairments recorded by these who have been still marijuana smokers.

Note that conflicting outcome of investigation as recommended by the specialist is due to the fact some persons take longer to recover when they quit making use of cannabis when other take a quick time to recover.


The impact of cannabis on human memories varies with regard to the usage. The occasional customers record short-term impairment in each memories which goes away when the sober up. On the other hand, frequent customers indicate memory impairment even if they are sober or in some cases longer. Nevertheless, there are no effects of marijuana on currently current memory.


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