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Bota Hemp Review


CBD Oil Review rates the Bota Hemp Brand with one star because it qualifies for the Mission Badge.

Bota Hemp 60-Second Summary

Bota Hemp wants to help all manner of people understand and enjoy cannabidiol and help them incorporate the substance into their daily wellness routines. We love the idea, but we’re unfortunately given spotty information on why Bota Hemp would be the best company to turn to for such advice, as there’s not much to be said about the establishment’s background, how its hemp is sourced or extracted, and whether its CBD oil is free of potentially harmful contaminants.


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Bota Hemp Brand Review

Bota Hemp says it hopes to introduce more people to the natural benefits of CBD oil through the promotion of its own products and cannabidiol education generally. But unfortunately, the link on the company’s website that would seemingly lead to such educational information is broken.

We also don’t get much more information about the company itself, or what goes into the creation of its inventory. Bota Hemp does mention that its hemp is grown in Colorado, which we like to see, but there’s no follow-up information on the condition of the farming (Is it grown organically?), nor the company’s CBD oil extraction method of choice.

Up for offer in the company’s online store are CBD oil tinctures in a range of strengths, as well as CBD capsules and several formulations of CBD topical salves. Prices range from $50 to $300, depending on size and the potency of cannabidiol mixture involved.

A “Third-Party Tested” stamp also appears on each product item page, but we unfortunately see no results – or any other mention – of said tests on a majority of these pages. (A few products, including the company’s CBD softgel capsules and CBD topical salve, do include Certificates of Analysis showing that the full-spectrum products indeed include as much CBD and THC as advertised, but there’s no figures related to heavy metals, residual solvents, or other potential contaminants that could be in the cannabidiol.)

We will happily point out, however, that the company’s CBD topical salve is nearly all-natural—with no toxic items popping up in the mix—though the product is not vegan-friendly.

Bottom line: Bota Hemp wants to help promote the natural benefits of cannabidiol, and while we think the company’s heart is in the right place, we’d just like to see a bit more substance on their site. Links to third-party lab tests are scattered and incomplete, and there’s little-to-no mention of quality control measures. (We barely even get a company mission statement.) A few tweaks and a bit more transparency would help Bota Hemp earn more badges from us in the future.

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Bota Hemp ReviewMission Verified

Bota Hemp hope to spread the good word of cannabidiol and its many uses through the creation of quality products and promotion of CBD oil education.



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Bota Hemp

Bota Hemp Review


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